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Posted Thu, March 10, 2011 8:00pm EDT

Russ Says: Charlie Sheen's Replacement Should Be Someone You Wouldn't Expect!

If Two and a Half Men is forcing a replacement for Charlie Sheen – here are my picks!

I believe there is no need to replace the genius that is Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men but if CBS is forcing the subject, skip the suggested trolls of John Stamos and Rob Lowe and give me Warlocks like Kelsey Grammer and Justin Bieber!

Charlie Sheen will probably never return to Two and a Half Men, which is such a shame! It reminds me of the stress-filled times of Season 9 of American Idol. “Who would be a worthy replacement for Simon after he left?” was a common question I asked last year. The quick answer is no one can replace Simon Cowell, just like no one will be able to replace Charlie Sheen. But what American Idol has done this year for Season 10 has worked and the show is freshened up with the new judges that we care about, rather then the nonsense of Kara DioGuardi.

So when Two and a Half Men continues, because let’s be honest it makes too much money not to, Chuck Lorre and the other producers should fill the character with a totally different personality and not have a carbon copy of Charlie Sheen‘s character. Here are my suggestions!

Kelsey Grammer

The man who gave us 20 years of entertainment as the iconic Frasier character is what a TV star is all about. If the show needs a man who is funny, and a proven TV Icon, then Kelsey would be perfect. The show seems to take the real person and use it to their advantage. So take a page from his personal life into his character and you have a marrying machine who has intense ex-wives. That character could fit any show, especially Two and a Half Men!

Justin Bieber

Now that “half man” Angus T. Jones is getting older and taller we need someone new and fresh faced. And Justin is 17 in real life just like Angus, so he could come in as a new friend to make up for the loss of Angus’ partying uncle. Justin brings a swagger that Charlie Sheen knows all about and with his work on CSI, Justin would be able to bring the acting and the ratings to the #1 comedy.

Donald Trump

When you think of Charlie Sheen, you think that he was fired. So why not bring in the man who is always good for a laugh and a professional in giving a good firing. Donald Trump would be so outside the box that you would have to watch the show. Think about it, you would watch to see what would happen wouldn’t you?

So those are some of my ideas HollywoodLifers, even though I wish we could take a Deloreon time machine and make Charlie Sheen a part of the show, its not going to happen.

Do you agree with my picks or do you have a better suggestion, sound off below!

Russ Weakland


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