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Posted Wed, March 9, 2011 6:47pm EDT

Four Tips For Getting (And Keeping) An Internship With Charlie Sheen — Exclusive!

It may be the most competitive internship to get for the summer, but we have tips to get you hired and make you Charlie Sheen’s next winner!

With over 74,000 applicants, you will need to stand out from the crowd if you want to secure Charlie Sheen‘s coveted internship. Lori Zuker Briller, co-owner of Grapevine Agency — which specializes in staffing the entertainment industry, gave us her tricks for getting noticed and keeping the job. Hurry, because you only have two days left to submit an application that Charlie will deem a winner!

Be A Team Player

Working for Charlie Sheen right now is going to be a wild ride, and candidates should be prepared for an “anything goes” environment. And we mean anything. In most “typical jobs” we would say “no job is too big or too small” and “always be a team player”. When working for a celebrity that advice goes an even further distance, as so many times their lives are so fast paced and the demands are ever changing. With Charlie Sheen you have to be ready for ALL OF IT. A bring-it-on type of stamina and ability. An-in-your-face, bold, I-can-do-anything mentality as that is the adrenaline he seems to be running on right now.  Having a little of this seems to be able to get you in the door. But remember, he is a savvy business guy at the end of the day. And he just picked up more than 2 million twitter followers in record time, and they’re going to expect to be entertained!

Have Fun

When the competitiveness for a role such as this is so high, you have to have fun with it. How do you REALLY convey that you have all the social media strategy experience in 75 words or less?  If applying, you have to truly know the social media space, but what seems almost as important for this role is to be able to get this crazy “voice” and vernacular that Charlie’s been spewing the last few days. Everything right now seems to be a “Sheenism”. Winning, Tiger blood, rock stars from Mars, etc! So have fun with it and send a picture of yourself drinking “tiger blood” to show that you get his humor? Offer to introduce him to a “third goddess” while at the same time explaining that your whole world is about being online and social media!

Be Flexible

On the job be prepared to work hard and do whatever is needed – as well as be flexible. Be prepared though. You are coming in in the midst of a media frenzy that in 2 weeks it may be stale. As the social media representative, you will need to start thinking ahead about any type of “branding” that can come out of all of this. What brands would be willing to work with Sheen right now to get all the eyeballs that he is getting? How do you get his antics to stay fresh and appealing over the long haul as he lobs information out every minute?

Think Ahead

You need to go in knowing that this is a ride of a life time — but having your next job lined up prior to working with him may not be a bad idea as you never know how long the job will actually last! And you never know who he will want to hire after this…

Do you have what it takes to be Charlie Sheen’s new intern?

Stephanie Wenger

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