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Posted Thu, March 3, 2011 5:47pm EDT

Charlie Sheen Has Aged 10 Years In Three Months! See Pics

Charlie is constantly bragging about his hard-partying lifestyle — but does he realize it’s affecting his moneymaker face? Who’s winning now?

Charlie Sheen‘s face tells the tale of late-night benders and porn stars galore! Add in the career-related stress that got his mega-hit sitcom Two and a Half Men canceled, and that’s a lot of mileage for one man’s mug. Of course we’ve all seen how drastically Charlie’s face has changed since his starring roles in huge ’80s films like Platoon and Wall Street. But with the 45-year-old star hitting the TV circuit for his rambling tirades, reached out to experts to determine just how much he’s fast-forwarded the aging clock in just the past few months.

We spoke with Dr. David Goldberg, chief of dermatology at Hackensack University Medical Center, who affirms that Charlie has aged big time!

“The most obvious changes in his face are the vertical railroad tracks between his eyebrows and the volume loss in his cheeks,” says Dr. Goldberg. “The stress of his life is clearly shown here.”

“His skin looks completely dry, his face is hollowed out,” says New York plastic surgeon Dr. Sharon Giese. “It’s more than just losing weight … he looks like a shriveled prune of his old self. I think his lack of sleep and hard lifestyle along with too much alcohol [has caused his aging]. I’d say he looks 15 years older.”

Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Fleming agrees — and it’s not good news for Charlie!

“Charlie Sheen is a man in his mid-40’s … and the physical changes that we now see are consistent with an aging man such as loss of volume in the face,” but Dr. Fleming adds. “If the media reports of Charlie’s current lifestyle are accurate, stress — regardless of cause — is another factor that can also contribute to the appearance of aging.”

What do YOU think HollywoodLifers: Has Charlie aged 10 years in 90 days?

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— Chloe Melas with reporting by Sidoney McLean