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Posted Tue, January 12, 2010 4:12pm EDT

Channing Tatum: We Don't Care If You're Burnt 'Down There!' You Are Still SO HOT!

Who hasn’t begged their boyfriend not to fast-forward through the commercials for Dear John,on the DVR?  Armed only with the excuse, “I love Amanda Seyfried” you have totally drooled over the shots of Channing Tatum in his wet shirt, clinging to his hot bod while your man unknowingly looks on.  As you probably know, Channing has gone shirtless in almost every film — and for good reason.  

We’re even willing to bet the horrifying story he just told  Details magazine about his burnt … um … member doesn’t turn you off!  (Though it might make your guy feel a little better when he starts to get jealous.)  We’ll just let Details explain this one:


Channing Tatum’s penis is gross. It looks like a hot dog that’s been left too long on the grill. The tip is hot-pink, singed, and shriveled. It appears angry. And it’s painful to view …

[Channing] was pretend-soldiering one raw, wet October day in the Scottish Highlands. The action required him to wade in ice-cold water, which, despite a high-tech wetsuit, could be withstood for only a few minutes. “The only way to keep warm was by pouring a mix of boiling water and river water down your suit. We were finally done shooting for the day, and one of the crew guys asks if I want to warm up before I go. I’m like, Nah, I’m good. And then I thought, Why not? Thing is, he’d forgotten to dilute the kettle water. So he poured scalding water down my suit. And I was trying to pull the suit away from my body to somehow get away from the boiling water, and the more I pulled the suit away, the lower the water went. It just went straight down and pretty much burned the skin off the head of my dick.”


 Um … OW!  Ok, yes, that all sounds very, very, unpleasant. But, the hunky actor, who played G.I. Joe and is married to actress Jenna Dewan, looks like he’s healed, thankfully, and hopefully he’ll be stripping down again in no time!