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Posted Sun, September 26, 2010 6:39pm EDT

Weight Loss Wonders! Kirstie Alley, Kelly Osbourne & 10 More Celebs Who Dropped Serious Pounds! See Before & After Pics!

See pics & vote! Which celeb has had the most miraculous total-body makeover?

Thin is definitely in, BFFs. A brand-new photo of yo-yo dieter Kirstie Alley reveals that the actress has dropped an incredible 50 lbs… and she’s not alone! Kelly Osbourne, Jennifer Hudson, Drew Carey and a slew of other celebs have really gotten serious about their health lately, and their hot new bodies reveal their hard work has seriously paid off.

Here’s how some of our fave celebs dropped weight, and how they plan to keep it off:

  1. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo recently dropped 20 lbs by working out for 45 minutes a day. As for her diet, the reality TV mom says it’s all about portion control. “I eat what I want,” she says. “I just eat the bad things earlier on in the day,” she tells People. “If I want a piece of cheesecake, I have half instead of a whole.”
  2. Kelly Osbourne credits her stint on Dancing with the Stars for kicking off her incredible weight loss — and she’s lost 50 lbs over the past three years! In a recent interview, she revealed that she does three hour-long workouts per week, followed by 30-minute treadmill sessions.
  3. The Price is Right host Drew Carey found motivation in his fiancée’s 5-year-old son. When he realized he couldn’t keep up with little Connor, Drew knew it was time to hit the gym. “Eating crappy food is not a reward,” Drew says. “It’s a punishment.”