Posted Sat, January 15, 2011 9:00am EST

Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds & More! 16 Celebs Who Left Their Lovers For Their Co-Stars!

Whether they were married or just in a relationship, these celebs ditched their significant others! Which split shocked you most?

Celebrity relationships are hard enough without worrying if your significant other will leave you for a co-star! Unfortunately, workplace romances end many Hollywood relationships. Brad Pitt famously left wife Jennifer Aniston in 2005 for his Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star Angelina Jolie. More recently, Eddie Cibrian ditched Brandi Glanville, his wife of nine years, for LeAnn Rimes, after they met on the set of their 2009 Lifetime movie Northern Lights. There’s also speculation Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson filed for divorce because Ryan fell in love with Sandra Bullock on the set of their 2009 flick The Proposal!

Check out the other celebs who left their significant others for silver screen lovers!

— Chloe Melas

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Posted at 3:34 PM on April 3, 2011  

Little Mo and Kathleen,

I can write a book explaining how WRONG you are. There is a lot of evidence but really it comes down to understanding people and not believing lies from the media. Also, many people seemed to have forgotten everything they ever knew about Pitt to jump on a bandwagon of deceit and corruption that went out of control because Jennifer Aniston wanted the world to believe she was a victim when that is not true for her own calculated purposes. I will touch on one point
because I think it is sick that the people are citing false
comments from Pitt or Jolie as evidence.

The media has circulated so many false stories, claims and
will DISTORT or fabricate statements. Every interview of Pitt or Jolie’s gets misportrayed and then the media will contradict them with a bunch of inconsistencies. How many times has the media circulated articles claiming that Pitt
and Jolie made statements and certain comments that goes
against their repeated denials. The press lies to lie and
misportray everything and that includes their alleged words.
It is insane how the Fanistons will latch to every false
claim and lie..and act like this is evidence.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt repeatedly have maintained that
their relationship began after his separation from Jennifer.
In fact, I know they began dating about three months after
his split was announced. Their relationship also began after
the movie ended. There were some re-shoots for the film
after he and Jennifer broke up.

The media likes to circulate and distort comments from them.
It is ridiculous how Fanistons continue to cite bs articles
and lies added by journalists to act like they confessed
when I know they would rather die than confess to the evil
accusation that ruined their lives and corrupted millions
and made people obsessed with a FAKE scandal over a FAKE
B-lister who has become worshipped and overrated thanks to

Jolie NEVER made that statement saying she and Pitt fell in
the love on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. In fact, just a week before that claim was circulated, Angelina did a big interview ( which got unfavorably edited) in which she DENIED that she had an affair with Brad Pitt. She tried to explain the friendship that she had with him and even stated that their romance began unexpectedly afterwards but
words got twisted around in that interview because the media
doesn’t want the full story to get out because they have a
press agenda. Why would Jolie randomly go against what she
had just denied in some sudden aside in a comment, some
journalist claimed she made when she was promoting a
movie? It makes no sense.

The media circulated misleading articles and biased journalists always love to add spin to articles. How many times has the media wrongly claimed they had confessed or made incriminating comments? How many times has Pitt or Jolie clarified that they did not committ adultery and did
not have an affair. Every time they have a big movie out
or Aniston has a movie out, the media will circulate a
false statement or twisted comment where they claim they
WITH ANISTON. In fact, Aniston is the one who contradicted
herself by claiming it was mutual and then as soon as Pitt
hooked up with Jolie SEVERAL MONTHS after his separation….
she backtracks and goes by the tabloid version to make Pitt
look like a bastard.

Also, Jennifer was popular as a sitcom star but she did not
get that golden girl image or A-list status or level of power until she married Pitt who was famous for being a nice, family-oriented, and moralistic guy. Her fans are in
such denial about how she uses people and used Pitt to make
herself so influential with the ideal image.

Pitt denied being with Jolie at the time because it wasn’t
true at the time. He denied having an affair and he denied JJolie was the cause which was the truth.
Then circumstances changed, because he and Jolie
unexpectedly became romantically involved about 3 months
after his separation. Pitt and Jolie never denied it after
that but the media kept mocking their previous denials.
They laid low for a few months until things became serious
with them. Then Jolie acknowledged that she and Pitt were an
item. Then Jolie became pregnant and then it became confirmed.

I know most people will never understand the truth. The
deceit has become too outrageous and convoluted. The media
will continue to circulate all sorts of trash and make
people think that Pitt and Jolie confessed when they NEVER
will confess to an evil lie that has had such a toxic impact
and made the media go out of control with its level of
corruption. Brad has always been a good guy, people just
erased that understanding. Angelina had reformed way before
the accusations. Also, it is amazing to me how Fanistons
believe every lie or false claim, and then they add a bunch
of more lies.

For the record, Johnny Lee Miller was single. Billy Bob
Thorton LIED to Jolie claiming he and Laura Dern split up.
Jolie has also discussed this saying she thought it was
over. That is the past and she has changed a lot. It is
interesting, that people will cite made-up comments by
journalists who will plant statements but they reject or
forget anything that is real or right. Pitt has always been
a very moral person who wouldn’t hurt anybody. He had
been cheated on several times. Most people used to
understand that he was a good guy…good people connect
to good people, yet don’t follow opportunisic, insincere
hacks like Jennifer Aniston.

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Posted at 7:50 AM on January 16, 2011  

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Posted at 10:21 PM on January 15, 2011  


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Posted at 6:16 PM on January 15, 2011  

Brandi Glanville and Mary Jo Eustace are the only two proven victims on the list. Eddie and Leann are an adulterous couple and there was actual evidence and confessions. Ditto with Tori and Dean who are definitely a real adulterous couple. Britney cheated on Justin. JLo cheated on P Diddy with Cris Judd only to dump him for Ben Affleck. Then she wrecked Marc Anthony’s marriage. There
are a lot of real adulterous couples in Hollywood who
should be on the list like Julia Roberts and Danny Moder.

Everybody else on your list is there because of gossip or
a false accusation or a presumption just because they
met when they were unavailable, it does not mean they should
all be labeled as cheaters or wreckers due to trashy
speculation they have denied.

You are sick to promote the pseudo-scandal of 2005 which
has led to such sleaze and closed-mindedness with bad
judgement. Jennifer Aniston is no victim, she is somebody
who knows how to lie, be manipulative, use others for image
building, and did nothing but bring down a great man that
once had a solid reputation and respect by also trashing
an extraordinary woman who did NOTHING to her. Their
breakup was a mutual, amicable breakup that occurred for
normal reasons like incompatibility and lack of common
interests with different goals and concepts of life.

The irony is that Brad Pitt is a very moral person who
would never cross the line, has been hurt many times, and
would never engage in despicable behavior. Jennifer is as
fake, selfish, and two-faced as it gets. People are blinded
by a sick adoration that comes from a false image that she
ironically got through Pitt in the first place. She was
not so worshipped when she was just a sitcom actress and a

Brad and Angelina got together unexpectedly 3 MONTHS AFTER
his separation from Aniston despite the accusations and
negative speculation from gossipmongers like you because
they were clearly right for each other. They did nothing
wrong and would not let other people’s misconceptions get
in their way. All Brad Pitt did was move on.

Alot of these people do NOT deserve to be on this trashy
list. The misportrayed or falsely accused don’t deserve to
be linked to trash like Tori & Dean or Eddie and LeAnn
who everybody knows for a fact committed adultery. This
is not about morals for you but about stirring up
controversy based on media gossip and stories which may
be false.

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Posted at 8:23 PM on January 15, 2011  

Thank you…thank you so much!!!

I do love the convenient way EVERYONE was willing to overlook the fact that Julia “America’s Sweetheart” Roberts did in fact run off with a MARRIED man…even wore a t-shirt mocking the man’s WIFE “A-Low Vera.” I believe it said. And no one said a thing.

The public has a pseudo fantasy affair over a couple they labeled “Golden” and the world has to end when the couple calls it quites. BUT wait there has to be a more “romanticized” reason for the break up…ah The other woman; there’s a reason we can all get behind! Forget the realistic reasons that MOST couples have which have been stated.

Society loves to live vicariously through fantasy and celebrity lives. In their minds a favorite sitcom star and her fairytale prince are the incarnation of ALL that is good and perfect. They couldn’t possibly be having marital problems stemming from their own personal growth.

No…no…it has to be something else. Ah yes the beauty, one who is younger, shows maternal instincts to more than a dog, actually thinks of helping others, has success both financially and award wise (Oscar. All the things the “wife” seems to covet but can’t quite obtain. Yeah the younger woman HAS to be the reason…just has to be.

The golden prince is now a man, a father and a companion. He seems to have found more success now than before and his partner well, she is clearly successful. that just leaves the sitcom star, now where is her success? She has been failing at the box office, can’t keep a relationship, and has no desire to bear children. Seams to me she just simple had nothing in common with her prince charming outside of his name which she used to her advantage. But no more.

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Posted at 6:03 PM on January 16, 2011  

You missed a few things about Brad and Angelina. They spent months and months and months denying anything went on while they were filming “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” Then Brad admitted that they had “gotten together” durig the movie but he was already separated from Jennifer. Well, if he was already separated why deny it to begin with? Then Angelina comes along and says she can’t wait for her kids to be old enough to see “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” because she wants to tell them “that’s where Mommy and daddy fell in love.” What happened to all those months of denial and saying that nothing happened? There was no “amicable split” between Brad and Jennifer. He and Angie have been proven to be a couple of adulterous liars and cheaters and, if you think for a nanosecond that Brad or Angie is a “moral person” you are out of your mind.

As for Jen’s celebrity status, she was much more than “B-list.” She was a very popular part of a highly successful ensemble cast of a wildly popular TV show. If you want to talk “B-list” Angie got a best supporting oscar for “Girl Interrupted” but, other than that, what has she done besides incestulous canoodling with her own brother? In every relationship she has had with a man that man was with another women. Jonny Lee Miller was with someone (don’t remember her name), Billy Bob Thornton was with Laura Dern, and Brad was married to Jennifer. Brad and Angelina are both going to find out the hard way that what someone does with you they will do to you – and they both deserve every bit of it.

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Posted at 11:57 AM on February 13, 2011  

then how come Angelina said that her and brad fell in love on the set of mr and mrs smith. You can’t be a women because Angie seems to not have any girlfriends. other women couldn’t trust her around their men. Who got her off the drugs? billy bob or brad?

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Posted at 6:00 PM on January 15, 2011  

I know you are an obsessed Faniston who actively participates in spreading spin, slander, lies, and misportrayals against Brad & Angelina and in favor of Jennifer Aniston like most media outlets who managed to
sell a pseudo-scandal based on false accusations.

There are many layers, details, aspects to the truth and reality. There is no point in getting into an in-depth discussion on a blog like this but I have to comment because it is disgusting, corrupt, and wrong for you to
categorize two people by false accusations by also categorizing them with scum who actually committed adultery.
Then you are acting self-righteous by creating a soap box
by acting like you are so offended by adultery when you are
just another media minion talking trash.

A lot of celebrities have to deal with gossip on-set and
accusations before and after a breakup. A lot of celebrities
have moved on with a co-star right after a breakup
regardless of accusations because in the past the public
and media would give them the benefit of the doubt. However,
the media went out of control in linking Pitt and Jolie
together before they actually became an item because it
was highly plausible that they would become a couple for
real over their chemistry and obvious compatibility. On
top of that, Jennifer Aniston’s PR camp was providing plenty
of dirt and trash to the tabloids and gossip colums by
playing the victim card by validating the tabloid claims
which were fabricated.

Then when Pitt and Jolie got together for real, she
retracted her claims of a mutual,amicable breakup and
openly in interviews misportrayed the circumstances and
validated the false accusations by acting like such a victim and creating a twisted, distorted version of events
to enhance her popularity and false image by character
assassination of Pitt-Jolie before they could openly comment
on the truth.

Jennifer Aniston is an opportunistic liar and fraud.
What is shocking is how many fans dismissed any real
understanding of Pitt’s personality and character to
believe lies about his personal life and just swallowed
the trash his calculating ex-wife dished…even though
there were indications it went against the evidence.
Though the false stories and spin versus actual evidence
was hard to distinguish for most shallow people.

This has set a negative precedent where any celeb who gets
wrongly linked to another celeb at the wrong time due to
gossip and then becomes romantically involved with them,
gets misportrayed as philanderers with the public refusing
to believe their denials.

Brad Pitt is a good person. People forget why they liked
Pitt in the first place, it was because of his values,
morals, integrity, sincerity, being family-oriented, and
being well known as a nice, genuine man with a strong
character. Angelina always reformed for her wild ways and
past mistakes during her disturbed youth when she became
a mother and humanitarian which occurred way before the
accusations. Pitt would never cheat and did not cross the
line with Jolie. Neither he or Jolie ever said they fell
in the love during that movie but the media circulates
lies and false statements and distorts their interviews
because the corruption and toxic viewpoint is out of control
because of people like you. Every year, they have
clarified that their romance began AFTER his separation
from Jennifer Aniston and she was not the cause.

People will never understand why that marriage really fell
apart because they become so deluded about their
personalities because of all of the peverse spin. Jennifer
Aniston is a shallow manipulative narcissist who is
self-absorbed and wanted to lead a very different life from
Pitt. There were plenty of signs and indications of her
not being invested with Pitt or being jealous of him.
She became America’s Sweetheart,the Golden Girl of the World, and an A-list celebrity after getting the perfect
image after she married him and used his popularity to get
the highest amount of love and respect for herself.

Brad and Angelina did nothing wrong and they did not
victimize anybody but the media has covered the truth up.
A fake scandal caused by rumors and gossip mongers is
being treated as truth and has made the media more corrupt
than before. More celeb couples will be crucified by gossip
traps and false accusations.

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Posted at 5:29 PM on January 15, 2011  

kris and michael? will be rob? because michael…

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Posted at 11:26 AM on January 15, 2011  

WTF!? It’s not even true that Zac left Vanessa because of this Rumer Willis!! and Zac and Vanessa are BACK TOGHETHER!!

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Posted at 8:20 AM on January 16, 2011  

i agreed.They back together again :D

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