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Posted Wed, January 12, 2011 6:16pm EDT

Have YOU Ever Had A Hair Color Disaster? Celebrity Colorist Jason Backe Shows You How To Fix It!

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Watch a celebrity color expert demonstrate how to correct the wrong hair color on our reporter Chloe Melas!

It happens to the best of us. You’re sitting in the salon chair and you get the feeling something’s a little off. Suddenly, you look up and your hair color is….well, totally WRONG! It’s happened to the best of us, but how do you fix it? Click to watch a celebrity color expert show you how to turn the wrong hair color into the right one!

Jason Backe is THE man to call for such issues. As the Celebrity Colorist for L’Oreal Professional and the Master Colorist at Ted Gibson Salon, he was the only person I wanted to correct Chloe’s wild hair color disaster.  Chloe had a little bit of an issue with hair color where the ends came out darker than the roots and it came out really brassy. Jason consulted with her to see what color she REALLY wanted and got to work, using one of my own personal favorites, L’Oreal INOA Hair Color.

What started out as a weird brassy/dark ends situation ended with a rich brown hue with almost imperceptible flaxen gold highlights. Chloe’s hair looks AMAZING, folks.

How do YOU correct your hair color if something goes wrong? Jason gives his top three tips:

  1. Go in armed with photos – you really have to explain in detail what you want, so bring in tons of photos: when you think your hair looked best, when you think your hair looked worst, celebrities whose hair you admire, etc. These are a great starting point to get exactly what you want.
  2. Stay with your colorist – It’s like any other relationship: if you “cheat” you might wind up with less than desirable results. Find someone you love and stay with them.
  3. Realize it’s a process – Finding the perfect hair color might take a couple of visits, but you should leave satisfied. Just know that working with the right person (and staying with them) will always achieve optimum results.

Check out the videos and the hair gallery and remember these tips if you’re ever caught in a hair color mishap!

Thanks to Jason, the A-list Ted Gibson Salon and L’Oreal INOA Hair Color for making our Chloe look so great!

Stay beautiful, BFFs!


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