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Posted Thu, December 9, 2010 3:29pm EDT

Chelsea Handler Throws A New Grenade At Angelina! Plus 10 More Celebrity Wars!

This fight is getting out of control — Chelsea has gone after Angelina AGAIN! This is turning into another EPIC Hollywood battle!

OK, it’s official: Chelsea Handler has declared WAR on Angelina Jolie. This time she’s attacked her in an interview with Glamour, saying of Angelina, “Yeah, I’m not a fan. She just doesn’t come off to me as a sincere woman. She seems like a woman that you’d really want to avoid.” Whoa! Instead of backing off and letting this week’s curse-out controversy blow over, Chelsea is charging FULL STEAM AHEAD with her Angelina attacks! She’s already said she doesn’t regret calling Angelina a “home-wrecker” and a “f-ing c***” and now THIS. One thing is clear: Chelsea is OUT FOR BLOOD.

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But why? This is more than just having your bud’s back. Chelsea seems to be acting as Jen’s knight in shining armor, spending A LOT of time defending her damsel in distress’s honor. Sure hope Jen appreciates Chelsea waging this nasty fight on her behalf!

Here are 10 more salacious celebrity spats:

Nicole Richie vs Rachel Zoe

These two were so tight that they were starting to morph into each other, with identical oversized sunglasses, ‘Is70s hairstyles and pin-thin bodies. Then they had a massive falling out that culminated in Nicole calling the perpetually tanned and allegedly anorexic Rachel “raisin face!” Think Rachel will be invited to Nicole’s wedding this weekend? Um, probably NOT.

Kim Kardashian vs Paris Hilton

Paris is said to be green with envy that her former childhood friend and protegee’s fame has eclipsed her own. The final straw that broke this friendship’s back happened earlier this year when the two both attended the same press event in Las Vegas. Paris reportedly flew into a rage when she found out that Kim had been flown to the event in her very own private jet while Paris flew commercial with all the “little people.” Looks like these two are true BFFs: Best Frenemies Forever!

Rhianna vs Katy Perry

Like many of these Hollywood feuds, these two started as friends. First, Rhianna called Katy “generic,” then she was filmed at the MTV awards mouthing to Katy “You fancy?” and then flipping her some major shade.

Camille Grammer vs Kyle Richards

The two had a seemingly minor tiff in one of the early Housewives of Beverly Hills episodes, which went over the top when Kyle called Camille a “f-ing liar!” Camille struck back by noting that in the “pecking order of Beverly Hills,” the wife of a “celebrity like Kelsey Grammer is way above the wife of a lowly realtor ” like Kyle’s husband. So now that Kelsey left you, Camille, where exactly are you in the Beverly Hills “pecking order”?

Kathy Griffith vs Bristol Palin

Kathy went after Bristol, saying she was the only contestant in the history of Dancing With The Stars to actually gain weight during filming. Then she went even further, calling Bristol the “white Precious.” Now you know the Palins are never ones to back down from a fight, and Bristol struck back, saying that she “hoped people didn’t pay money” to see the “comedian” (Bristol’s quotes on “comedian,” not ours!). Watch out, Kathy, these women have guns!

Brooke Shields vs Tom Cruise

This one’s a classic. Why, why, why did Tom feel the need to go after Brooke on The Today Show for taking prescription meds to battle post-partum depression? Why?

Jay Leno vs Conan O’Brien

Jay retired as host of The Tonight Show, Conan took over. Fine. Great. Then Jay decided that he wanted to take the hosting gig BACK from Conan? And the head of NBC, Jeff Zucker, let him do it?? Huh?? No wonder Conan is pissed.

Bethenny Frankel vs Kelly Bensimon

It seemed like the two Real Housewives of NYC might be destined to be friends. But then the whole thing completely BLEW UP with Kelly’s infamous “I’m up here, you’re down here” quote, and the two have been hating on each other ever since. Now, Bravo has given Bethenny her own show, so who do you think is winning this one?

Kanye West vs Taylor Swift

Kanye will probably go down in history as the man who ripped the mic away from Taylor Swift at the VMAs and declared that Beyonce should have won Taylor’s award. He’s still so prickly about the controversy that he just canceled an appearance on The Today Show because they showed a clip of the incident. Hey Kanye, if you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime!

Jennifer Aniston vs Brangelina

First, Jen said that it seemed like Brad was “lacking a sensitivity chip.” Then, just when it seemed like everyone had forgotten about the most famous love triangle of the decade, Jen told Vogue that “what Angelina did was uncool.” And given how aggressively her BFF, Chelsea, is going after Angelina this week, Jen is STILL not over it! People, can’t we all just get along?

-Kim Gieske