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Posted Thu, December 2, 2010 4:43pm EDT

Jennifer Aniston Needs To Change Her Hairstyle! Vote For Your Favorite New Jen 'Do!

Which of these five hairstyles do you think would look amazing on America’s favorite friend? Vote now!

Chelsea Handler mentioned recently that Jennifer Aniston needs to switch up her hairstyle and we here at Hollywood Life have to say…we agree! So, we thought of some other famous folks who are known for their hair and though we’d try some new styles on Jen. Which one do YOU think she should try?

Should she try Rihanna’s red locks? It might be a little shocking but it might open up some brand new career options for her.

Maybe she should cut her hair and go for Justin Bieber’s sideswept short haircut. Kind of cute, right?

Ooh, or take a note from her arch rival and go brunette like Angelina Jolie? Action/adventure roles and a whole new level of sex appeal could follow.

I mean, then again, she could always take Chelsea’s advice AND her hairstyle. Imitation IS the most sincere form of flattery, after all.

Maybe she should chop it off and go for Kate Gosselin’s original “rooster ‘do?” If there’s ever a Jon & Kate Plus 8 movie, she’d be a sure bet for the lead role.

Which new ‘do would YOU vote for to get Jen Aniston out of her hair rut? Vote now for your favorite Aniston 2.0 hair suggestion!


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