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Posted Sat, December 25, 2010 1:26pm EDT

Kristin Says: Check Out The Wildest, Wackiest Beauty Moments of 2010 and Vote For Your Favorite!

Vote for your favorite wild, wacky beauty moment from 2010!

Can you believe the year is already gone? Well, while you’re enjoying time with friends and family, it’s time to look back on the year that ended the decade…and what a WILD year it was for beauty. Let’s review this year’s craziest beauty moments and then YOU vote for 2010’s Wildest, Wackiest Beauty Moment!

Britney Spears‘ hair extensions reached an all-time, five-alarm hot mess status.

Naya Rivera rocked an updo so high at the Emmys I questioned if  airport clearance was requested in advance.

Lindsay Lohan showed up for court with what could be the most inappropriate manicure in history. Profanity on your nails isn’t a good move when you’re fighting off potential jail time.

Jessica Simpson went without her signature glam squad for an au naturel look in the pages of Marie Claire.

Ke$ha gave us a hair-raising, arts-and-crafts kind of moment at the American Music Awards. Want to know what to do with that leftover trim from your craft project? Here you go.

Emma Watson was just one of a few celebs (Michelle Williams, Carey Mulligan, Ashlee Simpson) who decided to cut their hair REALLY SHORT this year.

Christina Aguilera transformed again with bigger blonde hair and some serious cleavage to match, decides that she’s just not herself tonight or any other night thereafter.

Kate Gosselin decided to ditch her rooster ‘do and underwent a huge (and expensive) transformation courtesy of celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson, complete with rich blonde color and long extensions.

Nicki Minaj sets the world afire with her ever-changing blonde hairstyle (multi-colored tips at the AMAs, a massive afro with pink tips. The fashion and beauty worlds (include MAC Cosmetics) takes note.

Rihanna ditches her signature short haircut in favor of cherry red hair extensions. Natural hair color? No. Super hot? Yes.

Snooki ditches her signature “bump,”  but keeps her excessively tanned skin and heavy makeup. Hey, every little bit counts, right?

Taylor Momsen adopts extremely undead hair and makeup, flashes her breasts to a crowd and generally embraces her rock and roll lifestyle, officially becoming a Goth-ip Girl.

Lady Gaga has so many beauty transformations that I can’t even show them all to you in the same gallery, spawning thousands of look-alike attempts and a frenzy to watch her every move.

Paris Hilton gives another mug shot. Actually, this one’s even prettier than the first. Gotta hand it to the girl: she knows how to pose.

Katherine Heigl goes from blonde to brunette and then back again. I have to say, I liked her as a brunette but, you know, I’m biased (and brunette.)

So, BFFs, which beauty event was the biggest news of 2010? Vote now for this year’s Wildest, Wackiest Beauty Moment!


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