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Posted Mon, October 18, 2010 9:00am EDT

These Stars Came Up With The Strangest Names For Their Babies! Would You Do That?

Forget about Suri and Kingston, when these celebs named their newborns, they really let their imaginations run wild!

When Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats welcomed their first child last week, they revealed that they had named their new son Egypt Daoud. Whatever happened to calling your child John or Jane? It seems like Hollywood stars are in a competition to trump each other with crazier and crazier names for their children. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most unusual ones.

Sparrow James Midnight Madden
(born 9/9/09 to Nicole Richie & Joel Madden)
“I really liked ‘Sparrow’ from ‘Captain Jack Sparrow,’” Pirates of the Caribbean fan Nicole Richie says of the name she and fiancé Joel Madden chose for 2-year-old Harlow’s little brother. Adding to the cute factor? “We call him Row.”

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Aviana Olea Legallo
(born 5/15/10 to Amy Adams & Darren Legallo)
While Aviana Olea sounds an awful lot like a popular brand of beauty lotion, mom Amy Adams hasn’t yet revealed the secret behind her daughter’s enchanting name.

Bandit Lee Way
(born 5/27/09 to Gerard WayLindsey “Lyn-Z” Ballato)
Hmm… does My Chemical Romance front man Gerard Way have Burt Reynolds on the brain? Two months before his daughter arrived, he placed the following ad looking for a new auto: “I absolutely do not want gold, brown, or that frigging Smokey and the Bandit car.”

Bardot Vita Boreanaz
(born 8/31/09 to David BoreanazJaime Bergman)
A classic photo of French film siren Brigitte Bardot inspired the name for David Boreanaz’s petite mademoiselle. “It was the energy,” David said of the snapshot. “The essence of that photograph kind of got me moved. It hit me hard.”

Ikhyd Edgar Arular
(born 2/11/09 to M.I.A. & Ben Brewer Bronfman)
Rapper M.I.A. says she hopes son Ikhyd never struggles in life but acknowledges that “he’s probably going to have them.” Uh, naming him Ikhyd certainly won’t help make him popular on the playground.

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Anniston Kae West
(born 5/7/09 to Chyler Leigh & Nathan West)
Despite what you think, Grey’s Anatomy star Chyler Leigh insists daughter Anniston wasn’t named after a certain famous Friend. “We were kind of just looking for something not as common,” she says. Mission accomplished!

Louisanna Ray Kimmel
(born 12/16/09 to LeeLee Sobieski & Adam Kimmel)
Look again – Leelee Sobieski’s daughter is not named after the state. Louisanna certainly is uncommon — but then so is the spelling of her nickname, “Lewi.”

Sundance Thomas Jennings
(born 5/19/10 to Kerri Walsh & Casey Jennings)
Olympic volleyball star Kerri Walsh’s son is named after hubby Casey Jennings’s favorite movie, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Says Kerri, “I think it’s an awesome name and the fact that it means so much to my husband makes me absolutely love it.”

Kenzo Hounsou
(born 5/30/09 to Kimora Lee Simmons & Djimon Hounsou)
“Kenzo means third and wise [in Japanese],” explains former model Kimora Lee Simmons, who reportedly gave baby daddy Djimon Hounsou’s son the label in honor of Japanese designer Kenzo Takada.

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Mars Electronica
(born 2/1/09 to Erykah Badu & Jay Electronica)
If you think this name is far out, consider that Mars’s musician mom, Erykah Badu, initially tweeted that she was going to call her “Twitty Milk”!

Liberty Grace Lawrence
(born 3/4/10 to JoeyChandie Lawrence)
“Liberty is something I’ve always loved,” Joey Lawrence says of the moniker he gave his little lady, whose middle name honors his grandmother. Awww.

Java Kumala Holloway
(born 4/9/09 to JoshYessica Holloway)
Of the many theories about how Lost star Josh Holloway’s daughter got her name, the most popular is that it was inspired by the island of Java, where her mom, Yessica, was born.

Satyana Denisof
(born 3/24/09 to Alyson Hannigan & Alexis Denisof)
A combination of the Sanskrit “sat” and “yana,” “Satyana” means “a vehicle for action infused with the grace of spirit.” Mom Allyson Hannigan would agree: “She’s the best baby ever, like seriously!”

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Blakesley Grace Sutter
(born 4/3/09 to Trista & Ryan Sutter)
It may not roll right off the tongue, but Blakesley sounds just right to Trista and Ryan Sutter. “It’s a family name,” explains Trista. “At first we were calling her Gracie, but then we decided to stick with Blakesley.”

Aven Angelica Settle
(born 5/5/09 to Matthew Settle & Naama Nativ)
How did Gossip Girl dad Matthew Settle come up with such a heavenly name? “Aven means mountain flower… It was unique and we hadn’t heard it before,” he explains. And Angelica? “Because,” he says, “she’s angelic.”

Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver
(born 4/3/09 to Jamie & Jools Oliver)
With two older daughters named Poppy and Daisy, it was only natural that celeb chef Jamie Oliver would pick Petal for his youngest girl. A new flower child will join the bunch in September — may we suggest Stamen if it’s a boy?

Tabitha Hodge Broderick
(born 6/22/09 via surrogate for Matthew Broderick & Sarah Jessica Parker)
SJP hasn’t said whether the twin girl is named for Samantha’s daughter on Bewitched, but has revealed that she calls her by an even more magical name: “Babe Broderick!” exclaims SJP. “It’s like it’s 1940.”

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Knight Jones
(born 7/22/09 to KelisNas)
As the son of hip-hop royalty Kelis and Nas, Knight’s name suits him perfectly. “I just wanted a powerful and regal and majestic name for him,” explains Kelis.

Huckleberry Grylls
(born 1/15/09 to BearShara Grylls)
The youngest of the three Grylls boys has an adventurer dad who goes by Bear and a big brother named Marmaduke. Suddenly Huckleberry doesn’t sound so odd.

Lydon Edward & Hartley Grace McGrath
(born 4/29/10 to Mark McGrath & Carin Kinglsand)
Sweet Sugar Ray rocker Mark McGrath returned to his roots when it came time to name his twins. Lydon and Hartley, he explains, are Irish surnames “that we just really liked.”

Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa
(born 12/15/08 to Lisa Bonet Jason Momoa)
Lisa Bonet’s boy was born on a dark, stormy night, and according to a fan site for his dad, Native American/Hawaiian actor Jason Momoa, his name translates as follows: “Nakoa” means “warrior,” “Mana” means “strength/spirit,” “Kaua” means “rain,” and “Po” means “dark.” Simple, isn’t it?

–Mark Marino

Tell us: Did you give your child an unusual name?