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Posted Wed, April 14, 2010 10:27am EDT

Cameron Diaz's Revenge Romance With Justin Timberlake Is Torturing Jessica Biel!

Cameron Diaz is trying to get back at Jessica Biel for stealing Justin Timberlake … and Justin is going along with it just to torture Jess! Would you stay with a guy who plays mind games like JT is doing to Jessica?

Ever since filming began on the new comedy Bad Teacher, co-stars — and exes — Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz have been “laughing, making fun of each other, and kidding around off-camera” according to Us Weekly‘s cover story this week. And it’s driving Justin’s current love interest, Jessica Biel, insane.

Cameron’s flirty behavior is a complete revenge tactic, to get back at Jessica, who she feels stole Justin from her in 2007. There was the infamous fight at Prince‘s Golden Globes party that year, where Cameron screamed at Justin for flirting with Biel, and stormed off. And now, Cam is getting her shot at payback.

As told you last month, the former couple got “very close” on the set of their new movie Bad Teacher. “Cameron and Justin look like they’re really enjoying each other’s company!” one Bad Teacher insider told “There’s a great vibe on-set” between them, explained our source.

But the chemistry is not fueled by romance alone — the ex-lovers are making a tag-team effort to torture Jessica until she can’t take it anymore.  So, even though Cam has also been linked to Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez, she’s not missing her chance to drive Jess mad.

According to Us, Justin wants to end his three year relationship with Jess, but he doesn’t have the nerve … so he is “pushing [Jess] to the limits by flirting with other women.” And it’s working.

“Jess gets territorial and upset” a source tells the mag. “He tortured Jess by taking this role and they are reaching a breaking point.” But Jess, why do you even want to be with a guy who, according to insiders, is attracted to “feisty girls” and “loves to be fought over?” You should just walk away!

You tell us, BFFs: Who will win in the war over Justin — Jess or Cam? And is he even worth fighting for?