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Posted Wed, July 7, 2010 2:39pm EDT

Cameron Diaz Spills On Her 'Juicy Booty,' Appreciating Her Wrinkles & Working With Her Ex, Justin!

The fun-loving sexy star who’s totally focused on her career isn’t afraid of the aging process and says she’s moved on to dating real men, not boys!

Cameron Diaz is literally on top of the world in the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar where the bombshell poses on top of a NYC skyscraper in this gorgeous shoot with photographer Terry Richardson. The leggy blonde who always seems to be laughing or shaking her booty admits she’s totally aware of how valuable her bootylicious asset really is!

While most women cringe at the thought of aging, Cameron doesn’t fear the process at all! “The only way to stop it is if you die. But that’s not a great alternative.” Not only does she understand that aging is inevitable, but she also looks up to women who have gone through the process with grace, like Helen Mirren, saying, “That woman is drop-dead sexy. She’s not trying to turn back the hands of time, she is just taking care of herself.” And, more impressively, “She’s a nudist!”

The star admits to loving both men and boys, but says her days of dating bad boys are over! “I don’t get hung up on what boys do. I don’t have a nagging nature. I feel like I can be a woman but also relate to a man. . . Who doesn’t like the bad boy, until you grow up and realize bad boys are not the way to go? I’m done with that.” So, what about the new man in her life, A-Rod? Cameron coyly doesn’t fess up, aside from noting her new-found devotion for the Yankees! “I grew up with the Dodgers, but now I’m a Yankees fan.”

Even though she’s tied up in her new romance, she still had a blast working with her former flame Justin Timberlake on the set of their upcoming flick, Bad Teacher, admitting that the thing that brought them together in the first place was humor — luckily, the pair still has a blast sharing laughs! “Justin and I have laughed together for years. He is the funniest guy; you’ve seen the stuff he does on SNL.”

-Katrina Mitzeliotis