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Posted Fri, September 17, 2010 1:20pm EDT

NON-STOP NIGHTLIFE: Excellently Eclectic Celebs At Ryan Reynolds' NYC Premiere of 'Buried!'

HL was at The Cinema Society’s screening of Buried — and Ryan told us the hardest part about being stuck in a box with no food, no water, and no hope.

Ryan Reynolds knows how to attract a crowd — and an incredibly well-blended one at that. was at The Cinema Society’s screening of his new subterranean solitary-confinement saga Buried Sept. 16, at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, and while we were up to our necks (buried-alive-humor, ahem) in celebs like Adrian Grenier, Courtney Love, Olivia Palermo, Peter Facinelli and Anthony Mackie, we finally got a moment with the entire cast of Buried. As in, Mr. Reynolds himself.

In the film, Ryan plays a truck driver named Paul Conroy, who wakes up buried six feet in the ground, with nothing but a knife, lighter, and his cell phone. We wondered, what was the hardest thing about the shoot?

“The biggest challenge was doing an entire film that was a close-up,” he admitted. “That was one of the major challenges. It was just difficult making sure every single moment was significant, and to not lose the audience.”

After the premiere, guests clambered over puddles to the after-party at the Soho Grand Hotel, where they celebrated  their relative good fortune in not being confined to a small wooden box by sipping on SKYY cocktails and being entertained by a rather racy series of 2(x)ist underwear ads.

— Chloe Melas