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Posted Thu, April 1, 2010 3:56pm EDT

OH NO! Britney You're Repeating Some Of Your Pre-Meltdown Ways! Do We Have to Call Your Father?

Britney Spears did a quick change from geek and chic into sloppy and sultry in a store dressing room — in the middle of the afternoon! Remember her pre-meltdown quick changes?

Oh Britney Spears, what are you doing? You’ve come SO far in improving your life in the past couple of years. You made a comeback that nobody thought was possible. You have repaired your relationships with your family, you have a stable (and totally adorable) boyfriend and your career is back on track.

But we are worried about you. This clothing switcharoo you pulled in Bebe this week sounds a little bit too much like 2007 Britney.

You remember 2007 Britney, don’t you? She was the girl walking barefoot into gas station bathrooms, shaving her head and wielding an umbrella as a weapon. She’s the woman who lost custody of her adorable boys and control over her own money and her life. She was a hot mess!

So on Mar. 31, when she went into the store wearing one outfit and emerging in an ill-fitting white dress with her hair all a mess, we had flashbacks!

Brit — you definitely don’t want to be that girl again. This quick change doesn’t necessarily spell disaster but we’ve gotten a whiff of what Brit breakdowns look like before. It might be time for Papa Jamie Spears to step in and make sure his daughter is on the right track. We don’t want to see all his and Britney’s work to repair her life and career all go to waste. We want you to succeed Brit! Don’t let us down!