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Posted Fri, July 2, 2010 9:43am EDT

Britney Spears Meltdown Alert: Erratic Extensions, Freaky Faces, Peekaboo Panties, Gnarly Nails, and Even a Slushy Starbucks Drink!

The just-on-a-knife’s-edge-of-meltdown Britney Spears was fully on display yesterday, replete with all the signs of losing her grip. Is this what happens when dad Jamie is gone for one day?

Britney Spears needs an intervention — immediately.

On the first day in months that Britney was seen without her father, Jamie, or her ex-boyfriend-agent Jason Trawick, she was snapped by paparazzi yesterday in a Calabasas, Calif. parking lot exhibiting some familiar, troubling signs that led to her being placed in a permanent conservatorship and under her father’s care back in October 2008. To wit:

  1. Hair extensions aflame like a cabinet factory torched by an arsonist.
  2. Panties visible above, below, and outside every other margin of her very short shorts.
  3. Batty expressions barked at the paparazzi for snapping pictures
  4. Ridiculous fashion: Knee high 99-cent-store gym socks paired with pink running shoes?
  5. And last but hardly least: A presumably high-calorie domed Starbucks drink frothy with whip cream and sugar.

Are we witnessing a temporary slip — or a truly frightening regression? Tell us below and vote.

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