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Posted Thu, May 5, 2011 11:55am EDT

Bristol Palin Gets Plastic Surgery Say Top Doctors: Do You Like Her New Look?

Bristol turned into Rapunzel overnight! spoke with three top plastic surgeons who believe Bristol has gotten liposuction and fillers and we think she got some luscious hair extensions too!

Bristol Palin looks like she’s gotten the Hollywood once-over!  Not only does her hair fall beautifully down her back, there’s definitely something new going on with her face! We decided to get to the bottom of the Bristol makeover mystery by asking doctor’s what tweaks Bristol has done to change her look!

“Bristol may have lost weight,” Dr. Adam D. Schaffner, the Director, JUVA Plastic Surgery in Manhattan says. ” She appears to have fuller lips which may be the result of an injectable filler material such as Restylane or Juvederm.  She also appears to have a more defined neck and jawline which may be the result of liposuction.  Lastly, she appears to have a more prominent chin which may be the result of a chin implant.”

Dr. Steve Fallek, a plastic surgeon in NYC and contributor to agrees that Bristol has definitely enhanced herself with some cosmetic work.

“I would agree that Bristol has had neck lipo and a little filler in her lips,” Dr. Fallek says. “Her cheeks look the same and it’s consistent with weight loss.”

Even though liposuction in the neck area sounds extremely painful it turns out it’s a quick procedure.

“Bristol may have just lost a little weight although it is possible that she may have had a chin implant or liposuction in the neck area as her face appears to have more definition,” Beverly Hills, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Richard Fleming says. “Bristol is a beautiful woman!”

“There’s black and blue and swelling for about a week with wearing a neck garment/compression garment,” says Dr. Fallek. “Except for the bruising, minimal recovery time and you can be back at work in a day or so.”

Not only are we shocked with Bristol’s new face, we can’t believe her LONG locks. It almost looks like she might topple over from the weight of those extensions!

Are you a fan of Bristol’s new look or does she look a bit plastic?

–Eden Univer with reporting by Chloe Melas

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