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Posted Fri, January 21, 2011 9:00pm EDT

New 'Breaking Dawn' Exclusive Set Pics! Which Epic Scene Do YOU Think Is Being Filmed?

A giant green screen & plenty of outdoor space? Tell us what you suspect those crazy Cullens are up to in Baton Rouge!

All right, Twi-hards, get those thinking caps on! has obtained more exclusive shots of a Breaking Dawn scene currently being filmed at Arsenal Park in Baton Rouge, La., and we want you to weigh in with your thoughts!

If I had to take my best guess, I’d say it’s likely the massive fight scene Ashley Greene has been training for. She tweeted about her first day of fight training Jan. 6, making it very likely she’s been preparing for this very shoot!

We know that Aro will have a vision in the movie (via Alice) of a massive battle between the Cullens and their enemies — so this could certainly match up!

But hey, it’s just a guess. What do YOU think they’re filming?

— Andy Swift, reporting by Jessica Finn