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Posted Sun, October 24, 2010 10:55am EDT

John Mayer Vs. Justin Bieber! The 10 Manliest Men And Girliest Guys In Hollywood!

The world of modeling is doing a 180-degree switch and going after more manly model and leaving the femme boys behind — what kind of guy do YOU prefer?

Guys come in all shapes and sizes, but with the “manly man” coming back into style we’ve decide to pit the manliest men in Hollywood up against the more metro guys and let you decide who is hotter!

John Mayer, 33 vs. Justin Bieber, 16

Why John is a Manly Man

  • He’s dated a bevy of beauties including Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson and Taylor Swift.
  • He is open about his sex life and spilled to Playboy the dirty deets about his racist genitalia.
  • He purposely talks about things that will gross people out, like posting tweets about masturbation and unsavory bodily functions.

Why Justin is a Girly Guy

  • Justin has talked about saving his virginity until marriage.
  • He is obsessed with having perfect hair and can’t go 30seconds without flipping it.
  • He never talks about girlfriends and will never show any PDA.

Reggie Bush, 25 vs. Scott Disick, 27

Why Reggie is a Manly Man

  • He is a professional football player for the New Orleans Saints.
  • He is a bad boy who lied, had to return his Heisman trophy and cost USC their ability to play in any bowl games.
  • He refused to commit to Kim Kardashian.
  • Reggie dates sleazy Kim look-a-likes and is now angry that she is possibly seeing someone else.

Why Scott Disick is a Girly Guy

  • Scott prides himself on his eccentric wardrobe of suits and robes.
  • He sees a therapist to talk about his feelings.
  • He is always whining and trying to manipulate people and situations to suit his needs.
  • He engages in petty fights with the Kardashian family.

Taylor Lautner, 18 vs. Robert Pattinson, 24

Why Taylor is a Manly Man

  • Taylor is constantly working out to keep his body rock hard and in-shape.
  • He believes in chivalry when it comes to dating girls.
  • He loves watching and participating in all kinds of sports.
  • He plays a freakin’ werewolf in the Twilight saga! Can you get much manlier?

Why Robert is a Girly Guy

  • He has a contract with Summit Entertainment that limits him on how he styles his infamous hair.
  • In his off-time, Robert is a moody musician who writes emotional love songs.
  • He was a girly looking model when he was younger and was quoted saying, “When I first started, I was quite tall and looked like a girl, so I got a lot of jobs because during that period the androgynous look was cool.”
  • He plays a glittery vampire in the Twilight saga. Anything that glitters screams girly!

Nick Jonas, 18 vs. Joe Jonas, 21

Why Nick is a Manly Man

  • He battles his Type 1 diabetes like a champ.
  • He dated and then broke the heart of pop-star and actress Miley Cyrus.
  • Friends star Matthew Perry says Nick is hilarious.
  • He is drives a vintage Ford Mustang and loves sporting plaid shirts.

Why Joe is a Girly Guy

  • He is whipped by gf, Ashley Greene and followed her to Baton Rouge while she films Breaking Dawn.
  • He can’t handle breaking up with a girl face to face and ended his relationship with Taylor Swift over the phone.
  • He loves public PDA.
  • Joe is never spotted wearing the same thing twice.

Mark Salling, 28 vs. Chord Overstreet, 21

Why Mark is a Manly Man

  • When he’s not in his Glee gear, Mark is rocking out with his band.
  • He likes to pump iron and stay on top of his fitness.
  • He plays the bad boy character, Puck on Glee.
  • His hair is styled in a short mohawk and comes off as mysterious and manly.

Why Chord Overstreet is a Girly Guy

  • He has a feminine child-like features.
  • He plays a meek and desperate character on Glee who highlights his hair.
  • Chord was rumored to be the gay love interest on Glee.

Matthew Settle, 41 vs Chace Crawford, 25

Why Matthew is a Manly Man

  • He plays rock n’ roll dad, Rufus Humphrey on Gossip Girl.
  • He has a rugged look.
  • He played a very manly Captain Ronald Speirs on HBO’s Band Of Brothers.
  • Matthew has a manly built body.

Why Chace is a Girly Guy

  • He plays suave and manipulative Nate Archibald on Gossip Girl.
  • He broke up with Carrie Underwood via text message.
  • He has really nice hair and effeminate features.
  • He passed on the opportunity to reprise Kevin Bacon‘s manly character in the Footloose re-make.

Kellan Lutz, 25 vs. Matt Lanter, 27

Why Kellan is a Manly Man

  • He plays super strong vampire Emmet Cullen in the Twilight saga.
  • He is very attractive and often exercises with is shirt off.
  • He was one of 2010’s Calvin Klein underwear models
  • He enjoys scary movies and performs his own stunts when possible.

Why Matt Lanter is a Girly Guy

  • He has slight effeminate features and nice hair.
  • He plays a mock version of Robert Pattinson’s character Edward Cullen in the spoof movie, Vampires Suck
  • His character Liam Court on 90210 pouts and has temper tantrums.
  • He has a crushes on Disney animated characters.

Colin Farrell, 34 vs. Orlando Bloom, 33

Why Colin is a Manly Man

  • Colin lives his life uncensored.
  • He’s a bad boy that has had to go to rehab.
  • He has a hard time committing to a relationship.
  • He always plays rough and tumble characters.

Why Orlando is a Girly Guy

  • He wore a blond wig and tights to play an elf in Lord of the Rings.
  • He always plays the misunderstood dreamboat in romantic comedies.
  • Orly has a sweet baby face.
  • He was named a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Hugh Jackman vs. Jake Gyllenhaal

Why Hugh is a Manly Man

  • Hugh is totally buff and played Wolverine in X-Men
  • He plays Rugby and Cricket.
  • He adopted two children.
  • He has hosted the Oscars, which takes tons of confidence and initiative.

Why Jake Gyllenhaal is a Girly Guy

  • He has baby-faced boyish good looks.
  • He takes girly off-beat roles.
  • Jake played a gay cowboy opposite the late Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain.
  • His attempt at being an action star in Prince of Persia flopped at the box-office.

Brad Pitt, 46 vs. Zac Efron, 23

Why Brad Pitt is a Manly Man

  • He is the ultimate manly man once married to Jennifer Aniston and now partnered with Angelina Jolie.
  • He is always in good shape.
  • He has a great group of male friends.
  • He can grow a fierce manly man beard.

Why Zac Efron is a Girly Guy

  • His break out role was in High School Musical.
  • He is a teen idol that has graced the cover of Tiger Beat.
  • He has shiny flappable hair.
  • One of his most recent films was the tear jerker chick-flick, Charlie St. Cloud.

Aimee Curran and Nicole Fukuoka

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