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Posted Mon, July 26, 2010 12:30pm EDT

Why Are Brad & Angelina's Kids Dressing EXACTLY Like Them? Is It Normal?

Brad & Angie’s kids are clones! Pax & Shiloh copy dad’s laid-back style, while Maddox prefers mom’s action-hero flare!

Maddox, Pax and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt love their mom and dad’s movies — so much so that they’re even dressing like their big-screen characters! Just take a look at this photo of the Jolie-Pitt clan making its way through Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan, on July 26. Shiloh, 4, is totally emulating Brad Pitt‘s look from his 1992 movie A River Runs Through It; and in a white tank top and black pants, 8-year-old Maddox looks like he could have played Angelina Jolie‘s sidekick in her Tomb Raider movies. Just call him Larry Croft!

“Kids dressing like their parents is a very common phenomenon,” psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere, host of VH1’s Dad Camp, tells “Kids learn their style and learn how to interact from their parents. It’s also a way for them to identify with their parents. The ones who dress more like mom identify with mom, and the ones who dress more like dad identify with dad.”

Six-year-old Pax, for example, is a total clone of Papa Pitt. Brad tends to go for a more casual suit/hat look when walking the streets, and Pax has definitely picked up on his dad’s laid-back fashion sense.

But Dr. Jeff Gardere acknowledges that the Jolie-Pitts aren’t exactly like everyday American families. The reason the kids are dressing similarly is likely a combination of basic parent-child dynamics, as well as the fact that Brad and Angie are international celebrities. “Even though [the kids] see [Brad and Angelina] as their parents, they’re also aware their parents have some significance in the world,” Dr. Gardere says. So it sounds like Brad and Angie’s celebrity status is another reason their kids want to emulate them. They’re fans of their parents, just like we are!

We’ve heard of kids wanting to dress like their parents before, but once again the Jolie-Pitt takes a phenomenon to a whole new level!

— Bonnie Fuller