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Posted Fri, March 19, 2010 2:46pm EDT

Bonnie Says! Ignore the Negative Reviews: Jen & Gerard Completely Entertaining in 'Bounty Hunter!'

Let me just say this — sometimes critics just don’t get it. They love a serious art film but when it comes to just having a girls’ night, a date night or a laugh — they’re stingy with their reviewer’s stars.

So Jen Aniston and Gerard Butler aren’t Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t fun to watch in the ridiculous but fun Bounty Hunter, opening tonight. The pair who have cute chemistry are  — what else — ex-husband and wife, who are so not over each other, but of course pretend that they are. She’s a big-city newspaper reporter with great hair and legs who’s onto a big story. He’s a sexy schubby ex-cop turned bounty hunter.

One reviewer cracked that they’ve never seen a reporter as good-looking as Jen in a newsroom, which I take issue with on behalf of all female reporters though I still want to know how to get Jen’s legs ( oh wait- we have that info at ) There are other real implausibilities like Gerard, an ex-cop driving around in a powder blue 1975 Oldsmobile Delta convertible and Jen’s character, never seemingly having to pee despite being handcuffed to a bed for, like, 12 hours.

But really who cares about plausibility when Jen and Gerard are hurling insults at each other and you get to see Gerard with his shirt off. That alone, is pretty much worth the two hours and price of admission.

— Bonnie Fuller