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Posted Tue, July 13, 2010 7:25pm EDT

Bonnie Says: Mel Gibson Was Already Toast With Young Women — They Don't Know WHO He Is!

The big question of the day — Is Mel Gibson‘s career over? — is completely irrelevant to virtually everyone under 30, especially young women who have never ever even stumbled onto cultist ‘Mad Max’ films.

Mad Max, what? Mel who? That’s the biggest reaction we’ve had from young women to the ongoing shocking reports about Mel’s misogynist, racist, disgustingly threatening behavior towards his baby mama, Oksana.

I mean, I’m sorry Mel, but you killed  your career eons ago when you stopped starring in mainstream films and veered off into following your own personal obsessions.

Passion of the Christ may have made $611 million worldwide, but it didn’t make you any young fans outside of evangelists.

Your sole claim to fame among the young women who we’ve interviewed as well as many who visit, was Braveheart. They loved that Oscar  winning Best Picture film, but boy was your character,  William Wallace , ever the complete opposite of your new real life Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy Kruger persona.

Have you ever heard of Mad Max? I queried a number of young women. That was one of Mel’s first signature, super cool,  anti-hero, hero characters. “Max, who?” was the response. How about Lethal Weapon? “Huh?” was the typical answer.

Wow! How quickly can the big box office blockbusters fade into history! “I knew his name growing up,” another young woman responded. “He was a big name, I remember, but I didn’t really see his movies, just Braveheart. Oh, I knew he played in the movie Hamlet, because the character Cher in Clueless talked about ‘Mel versus that Polonius guy’,” another young woman told me.

So, for those who want an answer to that key question — is Mel’s career killed? Yes … but it was left to wither away years ago when he turned his back on the Baby Boomer generation.

So now Mel, since your career is dead, you only have your reputation to save, and while we’re one that subject I have some advice for you from a top LA attorney.

Mel you should already have made like a nun and retreated into the most respected alcohol and anger management rehab in the country, advises LA criminal defense lawyer ,Steve Cron. Check in and don’t check out until you’re ready to apologize and grovel to your family, friends and the world.

Just realize that by the time you do that, the under 35’s will have forgotten who you are AGAIN!

–Bonnie Fuller

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