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Posted Fri, September 10, 2010 8:12pm EDT

Bonnie Says: Kate Gosselin: Dissing Jon on Regis & Kelly Was Selfish, AND Hurtful To Your Kids!

Kate — I’ve been your big supporter, but publicly dissing the father of your eight children on national TV was thoughtless and cruel to your precious Gosselettes!

I was shocked when on Sept 10th, you told Regis & Kelly that when your children have their visitation times with Jon “I basically wait for the phone call, for how many of them want to come home.” Dig!

Kelly and Anderson Cooper — who was filling in for Regis — looked aghast when you continued, saying that your children “want to be home playing with their toys and sleeping in their beds and spending time with ME!” Double digg!  Kate, you then admitted that when they call you from Jon’s place,  “I bring them home.”Punch!

And then when Anderson told you , “but you’re saying that basically they don’t enjoy being with him [Jon],” Kate ,you admitted that at “different days and different times, some of them don’t mind “spending time with him.” Slam!

Kate, you got another dig in at Jon when you said “I do try to keep it as peaceful as possible … I speak for myself.” Slug!

I was just as flabbergasted as Kelly and Anderson, who were glued to your every shocking word. You sat there in your bright red sleeveless blouse, red liptick and new long side-parted ultra-blonde blowout and just kept the digs coming You claimed that you understand that your children have a need to “see Jon” because “he is their father,” but you clearly don’t see that at all. Your anger and bitterness oozed out of your every word and pore.

Kate – you’re 35, but you’re acting like a self-centered two-year-old having a public hissy fit. You’re airing your dirty laundry in public and that’s NOT OK, when children are involved.

“I think she’s doing this because it will give her headlines (like this) and it will stimulate work for her. She isn’t in tune enough to understand the future damage she’s inflicting on her children, believes psychotherapist, Dr. Gilda Carle, Phd, founder of

“She’s driving a wedge between the kids and their dad,” believes Dr. Susan Abbott, a child psychiatrist in Manhattan. “She should be encouraging her children to stay with their dad and telling them they’re fine when they call her.”

Totally agree. Kate — I believe you are deliberately undermining Jon’s relationship with his eight children. You should want him to be a parent. God knows you’ve complained enough that he hasn’t been there for the kids and now that he is regularly having them for sleepovers, you’re encouraging them to pack up and leave. Do you realize that you’re denying them, a lifelong relationship with their dad by undermining the bonds between them now.

“She should be telling them how lucky they are to have two different houses,” points out Dr. Carle.

I don’t know why you chose to throw this gauntlet down at Jon’s feet on national TV — unless it is to drum up work since the ratings on Kate Plus 8, have plummeted — but you got what you wanted.

Jon reacted with an equally immature tweet — “As much as I want to respond to numerous LIES recently claimed on Regis and Kelly…” he began.

However, calling Kate a liar, only showed that he’s as selfish and immature as you, Kate. “It takes two people to escalate a situation. Seeing their father call their mother a liar is almost worse — it undermines the kids confidence,” in their mom,” says Dr. Abbott.

What’s even sadder points out Dr. Jeff Gardere, is that “when Jon and Kate behave this badly in public, it reflects what they’re doing in private. The kids are seeing their private battles too.”

What’s so tragic Kate, is that you think you’re hurting Jon but your biggest victims are your 6 six-year-olds and 2 nine-year-olds. “Kids always blame themselves, when there’s a divorce. In this case, they may feel that the stress caused by their sheer numbers created the divorce,” explains Dr. Gardere.

Kate, you’ll be raising eight little liars according to Dr. Carle. “They will never honestly tell either parent how they feel about the other parent or about being at their house. And it’s terrible, that they will grow up to distrust marriage and relationships.” So sad!

Sad, sad, sad. Selfish, selfish, selfish! So Kate– was it really worth it for the momentary pleasure of getting to stick it to Jon, to hurt those innocent eight at home who NEED a daddy — however imperfect — as well as a mommy.

I really used to sympathize with you. I understand that you had the stress and the burden of psychologically and financially raising eight on your own. No more. You’re pushing away Jon when he’s trying to parent, but you don’t look like Saint Kate now. Instead, you are big mouthed self-centered Kate! Shame on you!

–Bonnie Fuller