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Posted Tue, October 26, 2010 5:06pm EDT

BONNIE ASKS: Did Blake Lively’s Cleavage Drive Taylor Momsen to Flash Her Breasts on Stage?

Watching the Oct. 25 episode of ‘Gossip Girl’ featuring another hot segment honing in on Blake Lively’s impressive cleavage made me wonder: Did envy make Taylor flash the audience at her Oct. 21 show?

Taylor plays teen high school student Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl and while her character — “Little J” — gets to have her wild-girl moments, she is NOT the resident hottie.
That role indisputedly belongs to Blake Lively‘s upper-crusty Serena van der Woodsen. Her fabulous and well-endowed figure gets plenty of airtime. And Blake has become as famous for her ample, perfect cleavage on the red carpet as it is on the show. Her evening outfits give full cleavage display.

Could Taylor have been so desperate for attention and to make her point — that she’s sexy too — that she finally tore her shirt open in front of her audience to prove it?

Until Taylor showed off her chest — bare except for tape over her nipples — her typical costume with her band, The Pretty Reckless, was a bordello corset, garters, stockings and heels. Did she decide that that skin show simply wasn’t enough?

Take a look at these pics of Blake v. Taylor and you decide!

–Bonnie Fuller


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