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Posted Wed, May 4, 2011 6:00pm EDT

Blake Lively's Colorist Interview: How You Can Join The Hot Red-Hair Trend — Exclusive!

Blake and Scarlett Johannson are the latest beauties to go crimson — and the ‘Gossip Girl’ star’s color expert tells the best way for you to go red, too!

Blake Lively went red in dramatic fashion, Scarlett Johannson took the red-hue plunge, and now here’s the inside scoop on how to get their blazing look — straight from Blake’s colorist, Rona O’Connor!

Rona created signature colors for redhead Debra Messing, brunette Brooke Shields, and now, strawberry-stranded Blake! Rona was even recently named a tastemaker for her excellent eye for color and her history with celebrity locks. She talks to about Blake’s transformation — and the surprising inspiration for her new shade!

Blake’s color was not a spur-of-the-moment decision, Rona explains: “Blake wanted to do the red for the character for Hick [her upcoming film] and she asked me if we could do this. We planned it a few months ago and looked at pictures and even looked at her little niece and nephew — they’re redheads — and looked at the tones in their hair. And then I got to work and created the red shades.”

Rona calls her work with Blake “a collaboration” and gushes about how amazing the Gossip Girl star is!  “She’s beautiful inside and out,” says Rona. “She’s a sweetheart, too. Truly one of my favorite people!”

Apparently Blake is also patient — the process took about 10 hours!

Right before the Met Ball, Rona touched up Blake’s hair to make sure it would shine:  “The color that we did on Blake, we did a week ago. For the Met Ball, I just gave her a little sparkle, freshened it up with a bit of gloss.”

Here are some of Rona’s go-red tips:

  • Don’t just use one shade: “My whole thing with coloring is multiple shades. I don’t like flat colors or one color. I wouldn’t have gone in there with one shade. It would have looked flat.”
  • Test before you try: “I wouldn’t use a color without testing it first.”
  • Make sure your makeup doesn’t clash: “You don’t want to choose makeup that will compete with your red hair.”

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Would you take the leap to red?  If you already have red hair, do you love that it’s becoming a trend?

–Eden Univer

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