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Posted Fri, April 8, 2011 10:45am EDT

ViX Bikini Designer Paula Hermanny Tells You How To Shop For A Bathing Suit & Spills On The Season's Trends!

The designer behind the sexy brand spills on this season’s trends, the do’s and donts for every body type, and even shared a top-secret cleaning method to help you preserve your suit!

It’s that time of the year again! Most girls I know cringe at the thought of trying on a bikini, but the brazilian designer behind ViX, Paula Hermanny, can help you get over your fears — after all, everyone from Kim Kardashian to Megan Fox and Halle Berry are huge fans of her swimwear! Whether you’re looking for secrets on how to appear slimmer, don’t know how to accentuate your bust, or if you’re nervous about ordering online, you can definitely benefit from her tips. Paula took the time to chat with us — and even shared her secret method for prolonging the life of your suit!

Read on for Paula’s tips, and find out how you can get the chance to design your very own ViX bikini!

What trends can we expect to see a lot of this summer?
“We will see a lot of fun things this summer. In terms of color, we can expect to see a lot of orange, as well as neutral palettes with taupes, beiges, creams, etc, worked into clean silhouettes. We also can expect to see a lot of animal prints, crochet suits, and cut-out fabrics.”

What colors work best on everyone?
“Black is always a great color on everyone. A basic black suit can become classic and timeless when you add little unexpected details, like orange and gold beads or rope details. We also have an amazing Royal blue that looks so great on all skin types and with all hair colors. The color is so vibrant it can’t help but pop on everyone.”

What types of fabric should girls look for/avoid – should girls opt for certain fabrics depending on their body type?
“A high quality lycra will work best on all body types. It will have just the right amount of elasticity that allows it to sit perfectly on the body and not gather or ripple too much. Crochet is something to be careful of. When wet, crochet can stretch out very quickly, which causes the suit not to fit as well, regardless of body type.”

Swimsuit shopping usually causes stress and anxiety for many girls. What tips do you have for them before they start shopping? Is there certain things they should look out for/do/prepare?
“In Brasil women love shopping for bikinis, they get so excited no matter what size and shape they are. I try to tell women here in the US that bikini shopping is fun and shouldn’t be a time to criticize their bodies. It does always help though to have a tan while trying suits on, so try a sunless tanner. Also, avoid trying on suits right after you have eaten, it is best to go a little after so you are not bloated.”

Everyone wants to look slim in their suit- are there any tricks or certain styles that give off a slimmer appearance?
Once again, being tan makes such a difference. You will feel so much more confident with a little color and it makes you appear slimmer. Our BIA suit is a great suit for women with more curves. The bottom features a flip top and adjustable tubes that allow for varying levels of tummy coverage. The tubes also create an illusion, drawing the eyes in and making the hips look more narrow.

If girls have a larger chest, what type of a top would you recommend?
“Our BIA suit is wonderful for women with larger chests. It features adjustable tubes that can slide up and down the triangle top to give varying levels of coverage. The D Cup also features two drawstrings under the bust for extra support. Our BIA top can be worn in a number of different ways depending on how you tie it.”

What would you recommend for a girl who has a smaller chest and wants to enhance it?
“Ruffles! Ruffles are great for giving the illusion of added dimension, plus they are fun and flirty. Our Ruffle Bandeau and our Tri Ruffle both allow girls with smaller chests to feel like they are fuller.”

What about for a woman who doesn’t really have a butt?
“With a smaller butt, cut is very important for giving added shape. The Ripple style features rouche detailing and ripple edges that make the butt look more rounded and lifted. Women with smaller butts should avoid fuller cuts and opt for the Brazilian cut.”

What should a girl wear if she wants to minimize her butt?
“Many women here think that the more coverage, the better they will look. However, we know that this is not always true. As a Brazilian company, we all know the benefits of a Brazilian cut bottom – a little less coverage gives the butt more shape and prevents you from looking frumpy. When there is too much coverage on a bikini bottom, it can make a girl’s butt look even bigger. But, the Brazilian cut provides just the right amount of coverage and shows just enough skin to create a more flattering look.”

How can girls avoid the saggy bottom?
“To avoid the saggy bottom, try to invest in a nice quality suit. High quality lycra does not sag much when wet. Also, you can avoid this by making sure that your suit fits properly before wet. If your suit is too big and rippling when dry, once wet it is bound to be saggy. Additionally, you should treat your suits with care to prevent the elasticity from breaking down. Avoid prolonged exposure to chemicals such as chlorine and salt, and don’t have it in extreme water temperatures for long. These exposures will naturally break the lycra down, cause it to lose elasticity and sag.”

What should women be weary of when they’re ordering online? What should they pay most attention to?
“Ordering online is a great way to purchase bikinis and try them on in the comfort of your own home. Make sure you always reference the sizing chart and return policy when shopping with a new brand. One of the great things about ViX is that we are known for our fit – once you know what size you are in ViX, you can easily shop online and know what will look great on you.”

When it comes to something like a buckle or hardware on the hip – what type of body type does it work best on? What should girls know about embellished suits?
“All body types can wear hardware on the hips – it is not just for women with small hips. If the suit is made well and fits correctly, then the hardware will sit nicely on the hips and not dig in. Bottoms with details on the front of the hips or on just one side of the hips are great for creating a nice shape, regardless of if you have wide hips or small hips. Our embellished suits are meant to be worn at the beach and poolside, however, they should be handled carefully. Bring out your basic bikini for a day of surfing and snorkeling and save your embellished one for a beach party.”

You have so many celeb fans, is there one that really loves a specific suit?
Kelly Brook loves our BIA suits and looks amazing in it! She has it in a few different colors and prints. Other celebs like Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, Teri Hatcher, Denise Richards and Cheryl Burke have also been spotted in our signature BIA suit.

How should you care for your bathing suit to get the most use out of it?
Suits can last a long time if cared for correctly. Make sure to rinse your suits in cool water after wearing them. Always hand wash (never machine wash) in a mild soap and lay flat to dry. You can also try soaking new suits in a mixture of 1 TBSP of Vinegar and 1 Quart of water for 30 minutes to prolong to vibrancy and color of the suit.

Check out some of the latest ViX styles above. If you want to try your luck at designing a bikini, just enter your greatest creation on the ViX Facebook page. The grand prize winner will win $1000 cash, $1000 ViX Shopping Spree, a Skype session with Paula, and your design will be made into a bikini for the brand’s 2012 Web Exclusives Collection! Other prises include $250 ViX gift cards for the Most Creative, Most Whimsical, Most Edgy, Most Timeless, and Most Glamorous designs.

Hope Paula’s pointers help you feel a little more comfortable when it comes time to shimmy into your swimsuit!

Katrina Mitzeliotis