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Posted Sun, April 10, 2011 10:00am EDT

Get Your Nails 'Minxed' Like Beyonce By Celebrity Manicurist Lisa Logan!

Beyonce’s known for her fierce style, from her dance moves to the tips of her fingers! We spoke with celebrity manicurist and Minx designer Lisa Logan for the 411 on this awesome nail trend!

From Beyonce to Rihanna, Lady GaGa and Katy Perry, Minx nails are hot on the red carpet and the runway! I had to get my nails done by NYC-based celebrity manicurist and Minx designer Lisa Logan! Check out these awesome nail designs and get them for yourself!

I picked the “Eclipse” design that Lisa says was inspired by men’s underwear! “The underwear had those boxes and circles and a red band around the top so what inspired me was putting a red dot on every nail.”

Minx nails give us a reason to visit the salon again! No more sitting around for hours, we can get in and out quickly and go on with our busy lives. It’s not something you can do yourself at home  — it takes training to do it right.

The best thing about this? No drying time! Minx are applied like stickers.

“I mean that’s genius in itself,” Lisa says. “Once Minx is done it’s done!”

Lisa reflects on how effective Minx nails are — they don’t harm your nails, they dry immediately and they’re extremely portable!

Also — unlike polished nails, Minx nails don’t chip! “After a couple days of wear and tear, then you’ll start to see them kind of peel at the ends. But no chipping!”

Lisa’s newest developments involve transparent designs that can layer over different types of nails. “I was able to layer Minx and incorporate them with gels so that the colors pop through!”

Will YOU try out Minx Nails? Tell us!

–Amanda Chen