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Posted Wed, June 8, 2011 3:13pm EDT

Bentley Williams' Business Receives Threats Because He Crushed 'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert's Heart!

‘Bachelorette’ fans are pissed that Bentley played games with Ashley’s heart — and now they are attacking Bentley’s business!

Bachelorette fans are not happy that Bentley Williams broke Ashley Hebert‘s heart by leading her on while at the same time bashing her to the cameras. Ashley was warned by her friend Michelle Money that Bentley went on the show to chase fame and promote his business — and not to find love — and that’s exactly what Bentley’s done, just not in the way that he anticipated.

Bentley is the co-owner of Airborne Trampoline Arena in Draper, Utah — a town about 25 minutes outside of Salt Lake City where Bentley lives. And since Bentley went on the show, the business has been receiving crazy threats and calls from Bentley haters — Alyson Adams, manager of Airborne, tells exclusively!

“We have received hundreds of emails and phone calls with obscene profanities telling us how they hope our business fails,” Alyson tells us. “We’ve had people call and cuss me out and send death threat emails actually.”

“I’m sure you’re not happy with the way Bentley was portrayed, but I don’t think it’s a reflection of the business,” continues Alyson. “I have a hard time understanding how people feel compelled to bring down a business where there are so many wonderful people working hard to create a family friendly atmosphere. Bentley is only a small portion of many efforts and investments going into this business.”

Because of Bentley’s portrayal on the show, Alyson confirms that they have had incidents where people have taken their business elsewhere. “We have gotten people that are unhappy with it that don’t want to support the business,” says Alyson. “It’s an interesting situation we are dealing with.”

Bentley isn’t the sole proprietor of the business. “Bentley is affiliated with it, but there’s so much more that goes into this business than his efforts and his investments,” explains Alyson. “He has partnership in it,” but that’s about it.

“He’s very rarely in the actual facility,” adds Alyson. “He is only a small portion of many efforts and investments going into this business and I dont think we should be getting the backlash from one person on a reality TV show!”

Alyson also notes, “I definitely think that he is being portrayed inaccurately.”

– Lindsey DiMattina

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