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Posted Tue, June 7, 2011 9:58am EDT

'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert Blogs: 'I Feel Betrayed, Lied To & Made A Fool Of' By Bentley!

Ashley finally gets to see all the horrible stuff Bentley said about her — and she admits in her personal blog that his words are like sharp daggers piercing her heart!

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert had no clue that player Bentley Williams was planning to break her heart on the June 6 episode. But that’s exactly what he did — blaming his goodbye on the fact that he needed to go home to his daughter Cozy. But while Bentley was preaching this excuse to Ashley, at the same time he was dissing Ashley to the cameras saying how unattractive she was and how he wished Emily Maynard had been the Bachelorette. Poor Ashley had no clue he was speaking this way, and now that she’s watching the show herself, Ashley feels completely disgusted and embarrassed by Bentley’s words and actions!

“After watching this episode, I can’t help but feel betrayed, lied to, and made a fool of,” Ashley writes in her personal People blog. “I can tell you that from the bottom of my heart, I don’t remember ever feeling this depth of hurt and embarrassment.”

Ashley tells us how during filming she didn’t want to believe the warnings she got about Bentley. “People may speculate I was attracted to the ‘bad boy,’ or maybe they thought I wanted what I couldn’t have,” Ashley explains. “The truth is that I always look for the good in people, and I saw that in him. I only knew what he showed me, and I felt it to be real at the time.  Unfortunately, it’s not the last you will see of Bentley.”

But now Ashley knows what Michelle Money was warning her about in the first place. “I know many people wonder why I kept him around after the warning I got,” she says. “This episode was a huge turning point in my view of Bentley. Throughout the first two episodes, I was very surprised by the things he said, but a part of me still looked for the good in him, and wanted to, once again, give him the benefit of the doubt.”

Watching the third episode completely changed Ashley’s opinion on the man she once loved. “I had feelings of nostalgia, excitement, hurt, betrayal and embarrassment,” she confesses. “Stepping aside from the fact that I was visibly emotional throughout the episode, I could not stop watching. Even though I lived it, I quickly learned that I did not know many things that were being said when I wasn’t around. As I watched, I found myself both laughing and crying.”

Thankfully for Ashley she decides to keep going on with the show after Bentley crushes her — and hopefully she finds love in the end. But unfortunately, episode three is not Bentley’s final departure. Ashley confirms that Bentley will be returning later this season. Eww!

BFFs — if you were in Ashley’s shoes, wouldn’t you totally feel betrayed too by what Bentley did to her?

– Lindsey DiMattina

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