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Posted Wed, September 29, 2010 10:36am EDT

Returning 'Bachelor' Brad Womack Says: 'I'm Ready To Meet Someone!' Do You Believe Him?

Brad HAS to be lying! How could he be ready for marriage? Do YOU think Brad will actually meet his perfect match this season?

Brad Womack is back… and full of crap! The season 11 Bachelor from Texas, who broke the hearts of DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft when he left the show single, is returning for a second stint as The Bachelor. Only this time, “I’m [actually] ready to meet someone,” Brad tells People. “It’s going to work out this time!” Yeah right!

“It’s not ignorant bliss — I’m ready, and hopefully at the end of this journey, I’ll be with a woman who is ready for me too,” Brad claims. “I have changed. I’m not the same guy, and I’m going to prove it!”

But can he really change? That’s the question all Bachelor fans are asking right now — and most of us DON’T think he has what it takes to become a new person.

“I was called a commitment phobe,” Brad confesses. “I hate to admit it, but now, looking back everyone was right.” Yes, we were!

Brad says he doesn’t want to be hated by America anymore. “I felt like I was public enemy No. 1,” he tells the mag. “It was extremely eye opening to figure out what seemed to be all of America hating me. It was tough.” Sure it was.

He claims to have felt so bad about what happened during his first turn as The Bachelor, that he’s been going to therapy for the past three years to “fix” his issues. “I didn’t date at all,” Brad claims. “I dove into trying to figure where I went wrong, how I could fix myself, how I could change the things I needed to change to help me find somebody.”

Even more shocking, Brad believes his commitment issues are a result of his father’s absence during his childhood. “I didn’t have the best example of a father,” Brad says in his defense. “He wasn’t around.”

Whatever! I don’t believe any of the of you-know-what that Brad is professing. Once a d-bag, ALWAYS a d-bag!

But what do YOU think? Can Brad actually be sincere about his intentions this time, or is he still a lying jerk? Vote & comment below!

— Lindsey DiMattina