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Posted Fri, May 13, 2011 6:08pm EDT

Baby Callum Makes A Furry Friend!

Baby Callum’s not the only little monster in my life. When we brought him home from hospital we had to introduce him to our other housemate — a very furry fat feline!

Jill and I were apprehensive about Callum and our pet cat cohabiting. Kitty has had the run of our apartment since we adopted her three years ago, and we weren’t sure how she’d take to the new, noisy, arrival.

We’d also heard all the horror stories and old-wives’ tales about cats sucking the air out of newborn babies’ mouths and smothering them in their sleep.

As ridiculous as it all sounds, nobody wants to take risks when a baby’s involved, so we did some research and discovered most of the myths are just that, myths.

The general message was; animals can be unpredictable, but there’s no evidence to suggest they randomly attack babies. The experts recommended we “keep an eye on them” and separate the two little terrors at bedtime.

So we decided to do just that — and let these two little creatures co-exist. Callum‘s crib was shuffled into our bedroom and Kitty was evicted to the still-comfy confines of our living room.

And it’s been hilarious and equally fascinating watching them get to grips with each other.

For the first three or four months of Callum’s life, he was oblivious to the big bag of fur that occupied the same space as him. And Kitty kept her distance from the stinky pink blob — mildly irritated that she now had to share our attention, but prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt.

That was until a few weeks ago, when Callum noticed her for the first time. And he was instantly enthralled. Suddenly she’s the most fascinating thing in his little world, and he wants to get close to her at every opportunity.

On more than one occasion she’s got jealous during feed time and brushed passed us — only for Callum to lunge at her with both arms and swipe a clump of fur from her back.

Other times he’ll spot her lounging in a chair and race across the living room in his walker — prompting her to meow loudly and retreat to the safety of her closet cubbyhole.

When he’s on his play mat and catches Kitty out of the corner of his eye — Callum will spin around, stretch out and try his hardest to crawl towards her.

I’ve no idea if he wants to attack or just cuddle her — but it’s hilarious to watch the cat-and-mouse (or baby-and-cat) game in action.

And I think Kitty enjoys being chased by a chubby infant… for now at least.

Callum’ll be crawling soon — and I won’t fancy her chances when this little cat hunter is mobile.

Tell me about you cat/baby experiences below — and don’t forget to follow @callumgarland on Twitter!

— Ian Garland

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