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Posted Thu, October 28, 2010 5:01pm EDT

Body Language Expert: Alleged Cheater Ashton Kutcher Still Trying To Get Back Into Demi Moore's Good Graces! Look At These Photos!

Is Demi still furious with Ashton for his alleged affair? These new photos reveal that he’s still trying to win her forgiveness!

Ashton Kutcher sure is trying hard to get back in his wife Demi Moore‘s good graces after 21 year-old party girl Brittany Jones  accused  Ashton of cheating with her and made claims that the couple engaged in threesomes. Now look at these photos taken of the couple  with their hands all over each other at the  Oct. 27th  GQ Gentlemen’s Ball at The Edison Ballroom in NYC! “He’s trying to get back into her good graces,” says body language and relationship expert Cooper Lawrence. “He’s trying to please her and make her happy.”

However, as much as she’s smiling, Demi, 47, just doesn’t seem to have forgiven her alleged cheater of a husband. “In the photos, Demi’s body looks very rigid and uncomfortable,” points out Cooper. “After all this time together and all these years of being photographed, she should be more at ease with him and this environment.

Demi “doesn’t look happy in a genuine way,” says Cooper. “Maybe she’s not having a good day. [But,] they look particularly uncomfortable, so you have to ask if it’s situational (did they have a fight in the car on the way to the event) or is this an example of what’s up in their marriage.”

Just “look at the head positioning — they have overly tilted heads which implies that they’re trying to be sympathetic,” says Cooper. “Her body is rigid, but he’s trying to make it up to her.”

BFFs — what do you think? Is Ashton trying to win Demi back still?

– Lindsey DiMattina