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Posted Wed, September 22, 2010 3:19pm EDT

EXCLUSIVE: Ashton Kutcher Cheated? So What! 'Demi’s Not Going Anywhere!' Says Insider

Some women would make a beeline for divorce court if their husband was caught cheating—but not devoted Demi Moore, whose hubby Ashton Kutcher is facing a new, pretty convincing round of reports that he cheated, a source close to the couple tells

“Demi’s not going anywhere,” says the well-placed source.

Why? Well, it’s combination of good old-fashioned sentimental reasons, and the cold hard truth about staying relevant in Hollywood. “She loves him, she just does,” says the insider. “And being with Ashton has made her hot again, and relevant. That’s the honest truth. There’s no question about it: She benefits more by being with him.”

And the source tells that 47-year-old Demi’s well aware that Ashton, 32, has much less to lose if they were to split. “The reality is, he’s more valuable on his own. His brand and celebrity is far larger.”

The source acknowledges that Ashton’s behavior has put stress on the marriage, but they’re trying to take the high road. “How stupid is he? To be so sloppy and not cover his butt. But they’re rising above it.”

And while Demi’s remains committed to their marriage, so is Ashton in his own way. “He know he has a beauty at home, he’s not going to end that. It’s just the nature of the relationship, and it works for them, even their marriage is being scrutinized and judged by outsiders. They just don’t care, which is why he hasn’t said anything yet.”

David Caplan