Posted Mon, July 26, 2010 12:41pm EST

Bonnie Says: Angelina Jolie, You Need to Eat A Sandwich! You May Only Weigh 100 lbs!

Angie — you may be the $36 million action hero woman, who led Salt to a huge debut BUT you are also a bean pole. Isn’t it time for you to take your image as a healthy body role model seriously?

The pics of you on the red carpet at the Salt premiere in Russia are doubletake-worthy. You said it yourself Angie, when you talked about the risky stunts you did for Salt – you “are someone’s mother.” In fact you’re the mother of six someones and that means — you need to have enough energy to chase your babies!

At 5’8″, you may only weigh 100-105 lbs according to celebrity weight expert, John Spencer Ellis from the Real Housewives of Orange County. “With her height and slim frame, she should weigh more like 125-135 lbs… which is still on the thin side,” John told us at

One prominent dietitian tells us Angie’s body fat percentage could be much, much lower than that of a normal woman (typically 20-25 percent of body weight.) “The baseline given her height and body weight would be a bare mininum of 12 percent,” says Marissa Lippert, MSRD, registered dietitian and author of The Cheater’s Diet, who examined photos of Angie’s bony, veiny hands for us. “But she looks like [her body fat] could be as low as 7-10 percent.”

Now Angie – we know you are capable of eating more when you absolutely have to. According to Huffington Post, to prepare for your role as sexy hardbody superspy Evelyn Salt in Salt,you were  put on a diet of 70% carbs and 30% protein  to “put on muscle without losing weight”, according to trainer Simon Crane, who worked with you to prep for  the stunt defying flick.  How about  going back on that diet – it has to be a whole lot healthier than barely picking at your lunch, which you did in your interview for the August issue  of Vanity Fair mag.

Angie- with your humanitarian work, your mommyness, your female box office clout – you are a fantastic role model in so many ways – but  now you need to think about what message your hyper skinnyness is sending to your daughters and everybody elses!

Angelina should take a weight lesson from Jen who is slim but not painfully skinny. Above click for pics of stars who are bad skinny and good skinny!

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– Bonnie Fuller


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Posted at 11:38 PM on March 29, 2011  

NOBODY needs a Michelle Obama

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Posted at 6:32 AM on August 3, 2010  

Bonnie, thank u for pointing out the obvious, Jolie is killing herself. She needs an intervention as soon as possible. She is obviously in pain.

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Posted at 1:13 PM on July 27, 2010  

Bonnie, get over the weight issues.

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Posted at 2:58 PM on July 28, 2010  

I agree. Stop obsessing over her weight.

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Posted at 10:24 AM on July 27, 2010  

If you’re thin its a problem & if you’re fat its a problem too. If we’re all the same what fun would that be?

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Posted at 6:26 PM on July 26, 2010  

Oh please. First of all I don’t know where the attacking Angelina’s weight came from. She’s always been thin. Look at all her photos for the past 10 years. She doesn’t look much smaller than any other time in her life. The funny thing is if she did gain weight everybody would say how fat she is. I remember when she attended movie premieres about 3 or 4 months after giving birth to the twins, people were calling her fat for not loosing all of the baby weight.

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Posted at 4:38 PM on July 26, 2010  

who cares about a womans weight! 1st their too thin then too fat. I mean cmon u dont know her lifestyle she has a ton of kids she makes movies.. shes on the run. how mych do u want her to eat! A friggin thanksgiving dinner every night??? stop with the weight issues already!!!!

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em gee

Posted at 4:24 PM on July 26, 2010  

If “celebrity weight expert, John Spencer Ellis from the Real Housewives of Orange County” is a DOCTOR, he should state his name as such, and so should you as a journalist. If he’s *NOT*, then it begs the question, “What is a Celebrity Weight Expert who has not gone to medical school?” Does this mean John’s a nutritionist, a diet guru? Did he pick this knowledge up working at Bally’s, or mixing supplements into kiwi smoothies at Jamba Juice? Where is this really his jurisdiction?

Even as just a nice counterpoint, I would have loved to see this article written with a Doctor’s opinion hidden somewhere inside. Maybe near the bottom, like a Cracker Jack prize.

Honestly, nutritional medicine and science are areas of research that have not been completely mastered by the brains of mankind. It’s flimsy enough for even doctors to come to the media with information about a person’s Ideal Weight, and far sillier for a non-doctor to make statements to the media about a famous actress’ ideal weight – presumably one he’s never met, weighed, checked muscle tone or vitals of, etc… Without testing her blood and basic levels, what kind of witch doctor bush league medicine is this?

Please, people, before you let someone make a statement to you that you should change your current weight, be it adding on or taking off, check with somebody who’s been trained in an actual school for these things. He or she should write their name “DR. … ” Just a tip.

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Posted at 2:22 PM on July 26, 2010  

but eating a sandwich wouldn’t transform angelina’s underweight frame and more importantly, wouldn’t erase the reasons why she is so thin. whether its an extremely hectic lifestyle or deep set negative body image issues-which we don’t know- this headline is just an overused and misleading cliche. ask anyone who has or has endured an eating disorder how many times they were told to do what you’ve prescribed for angelina.

maybe angie should think about the message she’s sending out, but you should too in writing your headlines.

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Lola P

Posted at 1:28 PM on July 26, 2010  

Wow… Her legs are hideous… I mean, maybe it’s just the angle of the camera but GROSS… Come on, look at them? She needs to wear long outfits from now on…
She’s an over-rated actress… Nothing appealing about her. She’s not an action hero… Wires and CG and all the movie tricks make her look like she can fight and jump off buildings… So please… Admit her into an eating disroder clinic or lock her up in a McDonalds and she can’t come out until she’s 20 pounds heavier

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Steve N.

Posted at 2:34 PM on July 26, 2010  

Angelina Jolie does not carry the weight of the world on her shoulders. If she choose to be thin then she should be thin. I find it despicable that a persons weight is brought up in a public forum. If you are truly worried about her well-being and her childrens’, then why not contact her directly and explain your plight. I wish Bonnie would put a picture of herself up with an area for comments

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em gee

Posted at 4:25 PM on July 26, 2010  

Hey! Yeah! We can hire John Spencer, ‘celebrity weight expert,’ to give us his opinion!

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