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Posted Mon, July 26, 2010 6:34pm EDT

Bonnie Says: Angelina Jolie, You Can't Ever Be A Great Role Model Until You Stop Starving Yourself!

I’m serious! Angelina, in your current pin-thin state you’re undermining all the positive work you do as a UN Goodwill Ambassador and as $20 million leading lady action heroine Evelyn Salt.

Angelina Jolie, I applaud you for kicking butt for working moms everywhere, proving that a 35-year-old mother of six can pull in massive crowds to movie theaters better than almost any leading man. You’re the Annie Oakley of our time.

And you couldn’t be a better example of putting your money and your presence where your mouth is. You’ve donated millions to needy women and children in Haiti, the Sudan, and more, and made dangerous trips into Afghanistan and to bring attention to the plight of victims of war and natural disaster.

But if you want to be an unassailable role model for women, especially young girls and your own daughters, you NEED to gain weight.

Here’s the truth — the bottom line is you’re abnormally thin. Your legs are like sticks, and your arms and hands are so thin, the veins pop out. At 5’8″, you may weigh as little as 100 lbs, according to weight experts.

I’ve seen you in person. You’re beautiful, but stick thin. I believe that you need to think about your own health and about rounding out the image you present to women.

You have no reason to worry that you’ll look too heavy on film. Believe me, women and men will love you with more womanly curves.

So use your considerable power to influence women to eat healthily as well as donate to the less fortunate, combine career and momhood AND show that anything men can do on the film screen, women can do just as well… or better!

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— Bonnie Fuller

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