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Posted Wed, June 1, 2011 5:42pm EDT

Angelina Jolie Looks 'Malnourished' & Her Body Is 'Eating Itself' Says Fitness Expert! See Pics

Angelina shocked everyone when she debuted skeletal arms and twig-like legs at the premiere of her new film ‘Kung Fu Panda’ — reports say she weighs 99 pounds!

Angelina Jolie needs help — fast! The mom-of-six began to look emaciated at the Cannes Film Festival and it became even more noticeable on May 23 when she and Brad Pitt attended the LA premiere of her new animated flick. Angelina’s black Michael Kors ensemble hung on her frail frame and showed off her veiny arms. spoke to LA based trainer Steve Jordan and owner of Acceleration Gym, who says Angelina looks “gaunt and malnourished.”

“She looks like she is not eating enough protein and her body is in a Catabolic state which means her body is eating its own muscle tissue to supply a protein source,” Steve who is also known as “America’s Fitness Expert” says. “You may notice some Catabolism if you do not intake a sufficient amount of calories from other sources. Your body will basically eat at itself and deteriorate. But in the long run, you’ll notice a loss of muscle tissue.”

Star reports that Brad was so worried with Angie’s dramatic weight loss on her five-foot-eight frame that he tried to stage an intervention and begged Angelina to get help. In some photos, you can see the veins bulging out of Angie’s hands and arms. Steve reveals that this is due to having an “incredibly low body fat percentage.”

The reports go on to say that Brad is doing everything he can to get Angie to eat, and he’s even leaving food out all over the house in hopes that she’ll snack more. Steve says the best thing for Angie is consume as much protein as possible and she can get this from: fish, and lean meat like lamb or chicken. Overall, Angie needs to make sure that she is eating at least 1,000 calories a day — no less.

But Angie can still workout, she just shouldn’t do cardio for long periods of time.

“She should cut out the long cardio bouts and stick to short (5-10 min) intense intervals where she gets her heart rate up quick and recovers quick,” Steve explains.

Do you think Angelina looks scary skinny?

— Chloe Melas