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Posted Tue, August 24, 2010 2:29pm EDT

OMG! Are Brad and Angie Expecting Baby Number 7? So Many Signs Point To Yes!

Angie’s been wearing loose-fitting and belly concealing dresses on the red carpet lately. Could they be hiding another bun in the oven? Read, see pics & Vote!

Couple her recent wardrobe choices with her sudden weight loss (Angie’s prior giveaway that she was about to be a mommy) and we think we smell a possible pregnancy!!

Prior to her earlier pregnancies with Shiloh and twins Knox and Viv, Angie got thinner than usual before she started to fill out with her baby weight. Check out how skinny she was on June 7, 2005 at the premiere of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. That was right before she announced that she was three months pregnant with Shiloh!!! It’s not as weird as it seems. Plenty of women actually lose weight just like Angie when they first get pregnant.

According fertility expert and author of Chill Out and Get Healthy Aimee E. Raupp women lose weight because of morning sickness and loss of appetite in the first three months of pregnancy.

Couple Angie’s newly skinny appendages with a serious wardrobe switch-up that has Angelina in maxi dresses, drawstring waists and strategically placed ruffles and we’re even more sure that Angie is expecting.

The grecian goddess gown Angie was sporting at her Aug. 16 Salt premiere was long and flowy and distinctively belly concealing, just like the strapless, waistless maxi-dress she wore to the Screen Actors Guild Awards right before she revealed she was pregnant with the twins in 2008.

“Angelina has been wearing less body conscious clothes and choosing red carpet dresses that are more voluminous and forgiving. The perfect choice to hide a few unwanted pounds or a pregnant belly!” says celebrity stylist Mary Alice Stephenson.

Even her more form-fitting frocks have had belly concealing accents like ruffles, draping and cinching around the waist that create an optical illusion around the possible pooch.

Angie has said that she is looking forward to expanding her family. She has also said that she is hoping to get out of acting soon to focus full time on her brood and humanitarian efforts. We thought she would adopt her next child, but sometimes Mother Nature has other plans, even for someone as famous and powerful as Angelina Jolie.