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Posted Tue, June 15, 2010 6:59pm EDT

EXCLUSIVE: Abby Sunderland's Dad Was 'Cutting Corners' So Major TV Production Studio Reveille Backed Out Of Reality Show, Says Source!

A source close to Reveille Productions, a major and highly-respected Hollywood TV production company, tells why the company backed out of a potential Adventures in Sunderland show. has learned that a major Hollywood production company, Reveille Productions, which has produced The Office, Biggest Loser, and Ugly Betty, pulled the plug on working on 16-year-old sailor Abby Sunderland‘s reality show Adventures in Sunderland , even though they had network interest, because they feared her father Laurence was “cutting corners” and were concerned about Abby’s safety.

“Reveille was working with Ted Caloroso of Magnetic Entertainment, who was filming the show, but they washed their hands of it because Ted told them that [Abby’s father Laurence Sunderland] was cutting corners and that maybe Abby wasn’t as seasoned a sailor as her older brother Zac was,” says our source.

Laurence Sunderland has accused Caloroso of taking Abby’s trip and a related reality show “in an unethical direction” because Caloroso was “basing it on Abigail dying going around Cape Horn.”

Caloroso has fervently denied that he was interested in Abby’s peril and claims he pulled out of the project because he felt it was unsafe. The source close to Reveille believes that Ted is “very credible.” However, Reveille was also worried that the father tried to get Abby to set sail before a major sponsorship expired. “She was a beautiful, sweet girl,” says the source, who adds, “The family was all nice, except for the father.”

“Ted is a great guy, but the mere thought that Abby might be going out on an unsafe trip made us back out,” says the source.


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