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Posted Mon, May 9, 2011 9:55pm EDT

Andy's '90210' Recap: Annie Finally Gets Lucky & Adrianna Needs To Die… Right Now.

Join me in bashing Adrianna for her twisted behavior on the May 9 episode of ‘90210.’ I hate her more than ever.

I have a question for you, fellow 90210 viewers: Do any of you see any redeeming qualities in Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes)? If you do, please skip my entire review and head straight to the comments section to tell me how wrong I am. Because after her hijinks on this week’s big prom episode — she lied to Navid (Michael Steger) and Silver (Jessica Stroup), telling them both that she kissed Navid while he was drunk — I’m ready to see Adrianna disappear forever. And hey, I just might get my wish…

Speaking of teen drinking, Raj (Manish Dayal) hit the bottle pretty hard at prom, and things unfolded exactly how Gillian Zinser told me they would: Raj proposed a threesome, and then proposed for real! It was the next morning on the beach, and it was kind of a perfect little moment between Raj and Ivy.

The night wasn’t quite as magical for Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord), who had just pulled an all-nighter to finish a history paper she needed to ace in order to graduate. After her teacher accused her of cheating, Max (Josh Zuckerman) confessed to almost completely re-writing the paper while she was sleeping. Remember that little “betrayal” Josh mentioned in my interview? I guess that was it — and Naomi is pissed.

It was also pretty lame that Teddy (Trevor Donovan) didn’t get to address his fellow prom-goers over the microphone after being crowned king. Naomi made a speech about how great it is to be pretty and popular, and I was really excited to hear what Teddy had to say in contrast. I mean, this is someone who went from being West Bev’s “straight” star athlete to being the school’s first gay prom king all in the span of one year… and what did he finally say when handed the mic? “Thanks.” Seriously? It would have been nice for the one character who experienced real growth this season to say at least a few words to the students he feared wouldn’t accept him.

But not everything about this week’s episode bummed me out. For one thing, my favorite character Annie (Shenae Grimes) got some great news! Marla Templeton — may she rest in classy, glamorous peace — left her entire estate to Annie in her will, meaning Annie is going to be livin’ large next season! “The college years” just got interesting…

OK, people, let’s talk about this week’s episode. Was prom night at West Bev everything you hoped it’d be? Is Ivy rushing into marriage too quickly with Raj? And how much do you hate Adrianna? Start typing!

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