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Posted Tue, November 9, 2010 11:42pm EDT

Jessica's '16 & Pregnant' Lesson: Emily Proves Juggling School & A Baby Is Hard!

Emily’s trying hard to keep up with school and raise baby Liam Allen so far away from her friends and boyfriend!

16 and Pregnant‘s featured mom for the Nov. 9 episode was Emily! Her mom kicks her out of her house when she finds out she is pregnant, but she is lucky she has a supportive dad! Her dad, Stacey, takes her in so he can help her while she is pregnant. The problem with her dad’s place, though, is that it’s far away from Emily’s school, friends and her baby’s daddy, Daniel. He celebrates getting a scholarship to college, while Emily falls behind in her school work. She eventually gets frustrated that she is watching her opportunities disappear because she got pregnant at 16.

Here’s what you need to know about Emily:

Will she be a good mom? Emily seems like she is going to be a good caring mother, but it’s going to be hard for her to get past her resentment over falling behind in school because of her pregnancy. Otherwise, Emily is a caring and bright girl who seems like she is going to make smart choices for her future.

What’s her family like? Emily’s mom kicked her out of the house when she found out she was pregnant, so enough said there. But her father and her step mother are really supportive in all of Emily’s decisions. They are there to talk with Emily while she decides if she wants to definitely stay with her boyfriend. Her step mother also helps Emily pin down home schooling when she is failing her classes because of attendance.

How’s the baby daddy? Daniel seems like he is very bright, and he loves his son Liam and his girlfriend Emily. But he doesn’t seem to understand how hard it is raising a baby because he lives so far away from Emily while he is finishing up high school. He wants Emily and the baby to move into marriage housing at his university’s campus so they can all be together. If Emily makes the choice to move in with him after high school, Daniel would probably be able to step up his baby-raising game.

How crazy is everyone? This 16 and Pregnant couple is about as normal as they come (considering they’re parents at 16.) Both Emily and Daniel are great students who have friends and family around them, and everyone is supportive and loving. Emily seems to be able to think things through in a mature way when it comes to her and her baby’s future. Daniel is a little less responsible, but it’s probably only because he hasn’t had a fair crack at trying to take care of the baby.