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Whoopi Goldberg

Also Known As: Whoopi Goldberg, Whoopi, Caryn Johnson

Whoopi Goldberg

Date of Birth: November 13, 1945
Hometown: New York City, New York, United States
In a Relationship With:
Best Quotes:

If you get a little gassy, you've got to let it go. So people used to say to me, 'You're like a whoopee cushion.'

An actress can only play a woman. I'm an actor, I can play anything.

Normal is in the eye of the beholder.

Whoopi Goldberg (born Caryn Elaine Johnson in New York City, New York, on November 13,1945) is an American actress, comedian, political activist, TV show host, and author. Whoopi is best known for starring in Sister Act, Sister Act 2, and The Lion King. The 66-year-old funny lady first got her start by playing Celie in The Color Purple, in 1985. That role won Whoopi a Golden Globe Award, and an Academy Award nomination. She eventually won an Academy Award for starring as Oda Mae Brown in Ghost. Since her notable acting career on the silver screen, Whoopi has switched gears, and is now a host/moderator for the ABC daytime talk show, The View.

Best Known For:
The View; Sister Act.

Personal Life:
Whoopi has been married three times, since 1973. She has one daughter, Alexandrea, with her first husband, Alvin Martin. Her last marriage to Lyle Trachtenberg ended in 1995. Since then, she’s been rumored to have dated Frank Langella and Ted Danson. Her stage name “Whoopi” stems from the whoopee cushion.

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