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Ricky Gervais


Date of Birth: June 25, 1961
Height: 5'8"
Hometown: Whitley, Berkshire, England
In a Relationship With:
Jane Fallon
Best Quotes:

"I was okay with singing. I always sneak a song into everything I do. Dancing, a little awkward. Little embarrassed about that. I don't move well. But I was with a frog, so it doesn't matter. I'll do anything with a frog, that's my motto. He's great with tap-dancing or flap-dancing on my head. So no one's going to be looking at me when we're doing that dance. They're going to be saying, 'There's a frog dancing'."

"Celebrities, make it harder for hackers to get nude pics of you from your computer by not putting nude pics of yourself on the computer."

Ricky Gervais (born Ricky Dene Gervais, in Whitley, Berkshire, England, on June 25, 1961 ) is an English comedian, actor, voice actor, film director, producer, musician, screenwriter, and radio presenter. Ricky attempted a career as a pop star in the 1980s, but then turned to comedy. In 2000, he landed his own comedy chat show on Channel 4, Meet Ricky Gervais. A year later, he made his debut on the BBC comedy The Office. Ricky had further success with another sitcom, Extras in 2005. He is regularly the subject of controversy because of his dark comedy. He has also hosted the 2010, 2011, and 2012 Golden Globe Awards.

Best Known For:
Ricky is best known for being a comedian and actor and for his role on the BBC television series The Office.

Personal Life:
Ricky has been dating his longtime girlfriend of 32 years, producer and screenwriter Jane Fallon. The couple doesn’t believe in getting married and they both don’t want kids.

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