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Also Known As: Ahmir Khalib Thompson, ?uestlove, Questo, BROther, ?uestion, Brother Question, Qlove

Questlove Celebrity Profile

Date of Birth: January 20, 1971
Height: 6'4"
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Best Quotes:

Hip-hop is an instant gratification, winners and losers circle, and often those who are losing give up after three or four, five years.

According to my parents, I just started drumming when I was two. I traveled with them from five to seven on the road, playing percussion. Between 8 and 12, my dad sort of prepared me by teaching me every aspect of road life.

I don't have friends, and it's hard for me to make new friends. Right now, the people that are in my life are the people that I work with.

Questlove (born Ahmir Khalib Thompson on January 20, 1971 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American drummer, DJ and record producer. Along with Black Thought, he is the joint frontman of the Grammy Award-winning band The Roots. They are the in-house band for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, previously Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Quest has produced for the likes of Elvis Costello, Jay-Z, John Legend and others. He belongs to multiple production teams, including the Soulquarians, The Randy Watson Experience, The Soultronics, and The Grand Wizzards.

Best Known For:
Questlove is best known for being the drummer and co-frontman for The Roots.

Personal Life:

Quest hails from Philly and began drumming on stage at the age of 7. By 13, he’d become a musical director. He attended the Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts, during which he founded a band called The Square Roots with his friend Tariq Trotter, AKA Black Thought. They later dropped the word “square” in the title.