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Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John

Date of Birth: September 26, 1948
Height: 5'6"
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
In a Relationship With:
John Easterling
Best Quotes:

Most women don't do regular breast self examinations, mainly because they are either intimidated by what they might find, or they're confused as to how to do the self exam correctly. 'Liv Aid' eliminates all of these concerns because it makes breast self exams easy to perform.

I feel very passionately that we need to take care of the planet and everything on it. Whether it's saving the Amazon or just being kind to those around you, we need to take care of each other and Mother Earth.

'Grease' changed my life in the most amazing way, and I've had such an amazing life.

Olivia Newton-John (born September 26, 1948 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England) is an English-born Australian singer, songwriter and actress. Olivia’s family immigrated to Melbourne, Australia when she was six-years-old. At age fourteen, she formed a short-lived all-girl group, Sol Four. She became a regular on local Australian radio and television shows. She recorded her first single, “Till You Say You’ll Be Mine” in Britain in 1966. She released her first solo album, If Not For You, in 1971 and the title track became her first international hit. Her follow-up single, “Banks of the Ohio,” was a top 10 song in Great Britain. She represented the United Kingdom during the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest. She placed fourth while the band ABBA won. Her album, Have You Never Been Mellow, topped the pop charts in 1975, but one of her biggest successes came in 1978. That’s when she was cast as Sandy in the film adaptation of the musical, Grease. Along with John Travolta, Olivia became a household name when the movie was the biggest box-office hit of the year. Five singles from the soundtrack went to No. 1. In 1981, Olivia reinvented her image with the double-platinum album, Physical. Olivia continues to tour and act. She scored her first No.1 dance club song when her daughter, Chloe Rose Lattanzi, remixed her 1980 single “Magic” into the chart-topping, “You Have To Believe.”

Best Known For:
Olivia Newton-John is best known as a singer and an actress, appearing in Grease and for the song “Physical.”

Personal Life:
Olivia married Matt Lattanzi in December 1984. They divorced in 1995. Olivia gave birth to their daughter Chloe in 1986. In 2008, Olivia married John Easterling. Olivia survived breast cancer in 1992 and has been an advocate for health awareness since then.