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Miriam Carey

Also Known As: Miriam

Miriam Carey
Courtesy of Facebook

Date of Birth: January 1, 1900
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York, United States

Miriam Carey (born in Brooklyn, New York) is a 34-year-old dental hygienist who crashed her black Infiniti into a security barrier outside the White House, and then sped off in direction of the U.S. Capitol, leading police on a wild chase on Oct. 3. She was ultimately shot and killed by police. She reportedly has a history of mental illness and suffered postpartum depression after giving birth. She died on Oct. 3, 2013.

Personal Life:
Miriam Carey was living in of Stamford, Conn. before her death. She has a one-year-old daughter, Erica, who was in the car with her during the chase. Her daughter survived. Miriam, who graduated from Brooklyn College in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in health and nutrition science, was a longtime dental hygienist. She had four sisters, including Amy Carey, a nurse in Brooklyn, and another sister who is a New York police officer.