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Jacob Artist

Also Known As: Jake Puckerman

Jacob Artist

Date of Birth: October 17, 1992
Height: 6'2"
Hometown: Buffalo, New York, United States
Best Quotes:

Girls love guys who dance, and I'm definitely going to be the first one on the dance floor. Usually, you just see guys sitting around, but I definitely don't hold back when it comes to dancing. I like to keep [my dancing] toned down initially. It's a lot of snapping first off, just to get a feeling.

It's bizarre. In middle school, I thought girls were running away from me, so when they ask for a picture now, I'm like, 'Really, what?!'

I could show you a picture right now where I look like something from The Hills Have Eyes. Talk about an awkward stage. Puberty was not good at all.


Jacob Artist (born in Buffalo, NY on October 17, 1992) is an actor singer and dancer who rose to film after signing on to season four as Jake Puckerman on Glee. He also starred in in TV movie Blue Lagoon: The Awakening and had guest roles on How To RockMelissa & Joey and Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures. After high school, he was accepted to The Julliard School for his dancing abilities, but turned it down for acting.

Best Known For:

Jacob Artist is best known for playing Noah Puckerman’s half-brother Jake on Glee.

Personal Life:

Jacob Artist’s father Darrell is African American, while his mother Judith is Polish.