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Eli Manning

Also Known As: Eli, Manning, 10

Eli Manning

Date of Birth: January 3, 1981
Height: 6'4"
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
In a Relationship With:
Abby McGrew
Best Quotes:

I'm going to go out and be the best quarterback I can be and get the most out of my potential.

I'm not a 25-interception quarterback, I know that.

I'm the opposite of jealous.

Eli Manning (born Elisha Nelson Manning in New Orleans, LA on January 3, 1981) is the quarterback for American football team, the New York Giants. After playing college at the University of Mississippi, or more commonly known as Ole Miss, he was the first overall pick in the 2004 NFL Draft. He was traded immediately to the New York Giants, after being picked by the San Diego Chargers. He has been with the Giants ever since. He has two super bowl rings — Super Bowl XLII and XLVI, both defeating the New England Patriots. Eli was MVP in both.

Best Known For:
Eli Manning is best known for leading the New York Giants as their quarterback, to beat the New England Patriots in two Super Bowls — XLII, which the Patriots were undefeated until Eli and the Giants beat them, and XLVI — also against the Pats.

Personal Life:
Eli Manning is the younger brother to NFL quarterback Peyton Manning, and Cooper Peyton. The boys’ father is retired NFL QB, Archie Manning. Eli, Peyton and their father wrote a children’s book in 2009 called, Family Huddle. Eli got married to Abby McGrew in 2008, and they have two children — Ava Frances and Lucy Thomas.

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