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Dakota Fanning

Also Known As: Hannah Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning

Date of Birth: February 23, 1994
Height: 5'4"
Hometown: Los Angeles, California, United States
Best Quotes:

My dad named me Dakota and my mom came up with my first name Hannah. So it's Hannah Dakota Fanning.

I never get scared making these kinds of movies because it's all make-believe, but I did cry when I saw the finished version of Man On Fire because it is so sad.

I like everything perfect. Everything has to be neat. My sister is 5, and she's more messy than I am. I make my bed every morning, everything's perfect. My shoes are all arranged. It's sad. I'm a little like Ray, a little bit.

Dakota Fanning (born Hannah Dakota Fanning on February 23, 1994) is an American actress. Dakota’s first acting job was at age 5, appearing in a TV commercial for Tide laundry detergent. Her family relocated to L.A. after realizing her potential. After playing Sean Penn’s daughter in I Am Sam, she was nominated for the Screen Actors Guild’s Best Supporting Actress award at 7, the youngest person ever to be so recognized. She shared a 2001 Golden Satellite award for Outstanding New Talent (for I Am Sam) with Rupert Grint (for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone). She joined the Twilight film series in 2009 as the villainous Volturi vampire, Jane. Later, she played teenage rock singer Cherie Currie in 2010’s The Runaways. Dakota was named homecoming queen during her senior year of high school. Her sister is actress, Elle Fanning.

Best Known For:
Dakota Fanning first rose to prominence after her breakthrough performance in I Am Sam (2001). She later starred in blockbusters such as War Of The Worlds (2005), Man On Fire (2004) and Coraline (2009).

Personal Life:
Dakota Fanning graduated from Campbell Hall School in North Hollywood, California in June 2011. She participated on the varsity spirit cheerleading squad and was voted homecoming queen. She’s currently studying at NYU.

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