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Cody Rhodes

Also Known As: Stardust

Cody Rhodes Celebrity Profile
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Date of Birth: June 20, 1985
Height: 6'1"
Hometown: Marietta, Georgia, United States
In a Relationship With:
Brandi Reed
Best Quotes:

Being intercontinental champion doesn’t mean you’re a champ. It means you’re the future.

Codi Roads and i are two separate people. he has his oWn twitter. Mentioning him here will geT you MUTED(dirtiest form of blocked)

You don't touch my face! It's a birth right! This was given to me by God! You do not touch my face!

Cody Rhodes (born Cody Garrett Runnels on June 20, 1985 in Marietta, Georgia) is an American professional wrestler. Cody had a successful high school wrestling career, winning the Georgia state tournament as a junior and senior. Instead of wrestling at Penn State, Cody decided to follow his father, Dusty Rhodes, into professional wrestling. Cody began his training at Ohio Valley Wrestling in 2006. With Shawn Spears, Cody captured the tag championships. In 2007, Cody made his WWE debut, feuding with Randy Orton. Cody teamed with Hardcore Holly before turning on Holly to team with Ted Dibiase. Cody and Ted joined Randy to form The Legacy, a stable of second and third-generational wrestlers. Cody began his rise to stardom after the group disbanded, wrestling as “Dashing” Cody Rhodes and teaming with Damien Sandow to form the Rhodes Scholars. When Cody teamed with his real life brother, Goldust in 2014, he debuted a new character called Stardust. The two won the Tag Team Titles together. Stardust would become evil and turn on his brother. In 2015, Stardust feuded with Arrow actor, Stephen Amell. They met in a Tag Team match at WWE’s SummerSlam, with Stardust and his partner, King Barrett, losing to Stephen and Neville.

Best Known For:
Cody Rhodes is best known as a professional wrestler, performing under the names “Dashing” Cody Rhodes and Stardust.

Personal Life:
Cody married Brandi Reed in September 2013. He is a comic book and video game enthusiast. His wrestling boots featured the Triforce symbol from The Legend of Zelda series. He has also worn wrestling outfits inspired by comic book characters Mister Sinister and Archangel.