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Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford

Date of Birth: July 18, 1985
Height: 6'0"
Hometown: Lubbock, Texas, United States
Best Quotes:

All you need is a pool table, beer, an electric jukebox and good conversation. The day a girl beats me in a game of Beirut [a kind of beer pong] is a good sign!

I'm not not looking for a girlfriend - but I'm not particularly looking for a girlfriend, either. I'm not knocking having a relationship; at the end of the day, you want to share with someone. But I just look at it as, I have the rest of my life to do that. I'm not in any rush.

Chace Crawford (born Christopher Chace Crawford in Lubbock, Texas on July 18, 1985) is an American actor. Crawford is best known for his lead role as Nate Archibald on Gossip Girl. Since then, he has appeared in a few movies including Loaded, Twelve, and What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

Best Known For:
Chace Crawford is best known for playing the dreamy Nate Archibald on Gossip Girl.

Personal Life:
On June 4, 2010, Crawford was arrested and charged in Plano, Texas with misdemeanor possession of marijuana. The charges were later dismissed. Chace’s younger sister is Candice Crawford, former Miss Missouri, and wife of professional football player, Tony Romo.

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